David Bodine

Honorary Degree Citation

David Bodine

David M. Bodine IV. Human geneticist. National leader in the study of the genetics of blood disorders. You are the senior investigator and chief of the Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch at the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute. Having entered Colby more interested in extracurricular activities than academics, you credit Professors Art Champlin and Miriam Bennett with seeing your intellectual potential and challenging you to meet high expectations. You did not disappoint them. You graduated from Colby with a degree in biology and environmental studies and were awarded the Webster Chester Prize in Biology for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. After graduate work at Rutgers and the Jackson Laboratory, your academic career took you to the National Institutes of Health as a postdoctoral fellow, staff fellow, and section chief. At NIH your research has focused on the genetic basis of new blood cell formation. You have served as president of the American Society of Gene Therapy and counselor to the American Society of Hematology, and you received the NIH Mentor of the Year Award and the Daniella Marie Arturi Foundation Pioneer Award. You have served on numerous editorial boards and are author of more than one hundred peer-reviewed publications. In the past decade you have been mentor, advocate, and friend to two dozen Colby students working in your lab, warm colleague to faculty members, and champion of our academic programs. You have instilled in students your love of research and discovery, as well as confidence in their abilities, and the College thanks you for helping them launch successful careers and lives. 

By the authority of the Board of Trustees of Colby College, I confer upon you, David M. Bodine IV, the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa. The hood with which you have been invested and this diploma which I place in your hand are the visible symbols of your membership in this society of scholars, to all the rights and privileges of which I declare you eligible.

Conferred May 26, 2013

More about David Bodine:

David Bodine ’76 is a senior investigator at the National Human Genome Research Institute, one of the largest and most esteemed centers of biomedical research in the world. He researches hematopoiesis—the regenerative process in which a small pool of stem cells generates billions of blood cells—and hopes to shed more light on the genetic underpinnings of blood formation. Bodine is an associate editor for Blood, the journal of the American Society of Hematology, and he recently received the National Institutes of Health Mentor of the Year Award and the Daniella Marie Arturi Foundation Pioneer Award, adding to many other honors received during his career. Over the years Bodine has employed numerous Colby students in his lab, and they have all contributed to important findings.

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