Overview of the Celebration of Teaching Week

  • Late-February: “hosts” will be able to list their classes to welcome “guests” (host sign ups are now closed)
  • Late-March: “guests” will be able to sign up for the “hosts'” classes (sign ups are now available here!)
  • April 11-15: Celebration of Teaching Week!
  • April 14, 5:30-7pm: Virtual keynote “Exploring a Pedagogy of Kindness” (sign up to attend the keynote here)


Keynote information


Colby users: View the keynote here


Speaker: Cate Denial, Bright Distinguished Professor of American History and Chair of the History Department at Knox College

Keynote Description: What does it mean to teach with kindness? How do we weave compassion into our policies, assignments, and grading practices? This keynote will focus on the three things that make up a Pedagogy of Kindness: justice, believing students, and believing in students. We’ll talk about practical tips for increasing kindness in and out of the classroom, and weave in periods of self-reflection on our own experiences with compassion in educational settings. You’ll leave with concrete tips for creating a vigorous kindness in your teaching, as well as for taking care of oneself while doing this work.


What is the Celebration of Teaching?

Do you ever wish that you had an opportunity to sit in on your colleagues’ classes? Would you like to see what techniques other faculty use to run discussions and engage students? Are you curious about how classes in other disciplines differ from your own? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the CTL has a brand new opportunity for you: the inaugural “Celebration of Teaching” Week!

This teaching “open doors” week (April 11-15) will give you the chance to see what happens in Colby classrooms across campus. Sign up to be a “host,” and welcome faculty and staff visitors into your classroom. Sign up to be a “guest” as well, and see firsthand how your colleagues foster learning. Then, on Thursday, April 14, 5:30-7 join us for a celebratory virtual keynote “Exploring A Pedagogy of Kindness” with acclaimed history professor Cate Denial. A viewing of this keynote will occur at the Faculty Mumble, or participate from a location of your choice.