The [email protected] Fellowship program immerses Faculty Fellows and student Learning Assistants in a guided partnership to support the successful implementation of active and inclusive pedagogical strategies to enhance learning for all students.

[email protected] Faculty Fellows are matched with a student Learning Assistant. These students serve a different role than teaching assistants or tutors: Learning Assistants participate as pedagogical partners, offering valuable insight to the learning experience. Together, the Pedagogical Partner Team reflects on the course and the development of new course materials and activities. The Center for Teaching and Learning guides the Pedagogical Partner Team, offering intense course design and pedagogical support.

Selected [email protected] Fellows work with the CTL to select a Learning Assistant for their course using an application-based process.

[email protected] Benefits

  • Regular pedagogical support from the Head Learning Assistant and an additional member of the CTL.
  • Faculty Stipend – $1250/semester, for the first term an instructor/course participates in the [email protected] program. Repeat instructor/course sets can still participate and have an LA for their course, so please still apply for this opportunity.
  • Full financial support of Learning Assistants – $12.75/hour, ~5-10 hours/week for meetings and class attendance.
  • Learning Assistant Training – weekly pedagogical training sessions provided by the CTL.

[email protected] Outcomes

The [email protected] Fellowship program strives to help Faculty Fellows and Learning Assistants make progress toward

  • Enhancing appreciation of pedagogy
  • Developing relationships that support teaching and learning
  • Integrating knowledge of how learning works into course design
  • Implementing effective active learning strategies into traditionally lecture-based courses

Previous [email protected] Faculty Fellows

Please feel free to consult Jordan Troisi with questions or to talk through your proposal before submission.