The Pequod

Pequod is Colby College’s student literary magazine. It is published on a biannual basis, once each semester, and is comprised of both creative writing pieces and studio art works. It is entirely student run from the pieces themselves to the publicity, selection and publication processes. The magazine has been a strong part of Colby’s Creative Writing Program since 1968, though in the earlier years faculty had a larger role both as contributors and editors than they do now. The shape of the magazine has changed over the years, as there used to be a strong connection with the Mary Low Coffeehouse to bring life to the works with live readings and displays of art. The actual physical shape of the magazine has changed as well over the years, as we feel strongly that the content should dictate the format and not vice versa. There is no formula for how many pieces of fiction versus poetry versus nonfiction that we accept.  Instead we take the strongest pieces overall, which might mean a longer magazine one semester and a much shorter one the next. Students with creative work – whether produced in writing workshops, studio classes or on their own time – can submit their pieces to [email protected] throughout the semester, but earlier is better. A cut off date for submissions will be announced via the general announcement emails and posters around campus. We look forward to discovering and honoring the wonderful creativity of Colby students.

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Inklings is a new literary magazine on campus focusing on peer-led writing workshops throughout the year. We will meet in groups of fiction/ creative nonfiction and poetry writers to help each other improve our work. At the end of each semester, we will publish the pieces from the workshop in a print magazine. We will also be running a blog throughout the semester with works in progress, interviews with professors, essays on the craft of writing, and more!

Inklings welcomes creative writers of all genres, backgrounds, and experience levels. If you weren’t able to get into a creative writing course but love to write, if you write in your free time but have never taken a formal course, or if you’ve taken every single creative writing course offered at Colby and want more opportunities to improve your writing, Inklings is for you! The workshops are casual but productive and focus on author-led discussion about his or her work. 

The fiction/creative nonfiction workshop meets on Mondays at 4:00pm in the Mary Low Coffee House, and the poetry workshop meets on Thursdays at 6:00pm in the Mary Low Coffee House. If you’re interested in poetry but can only meet on Mondays (or fiction/creative nonfiction and can only meet on Thursdays), please feel free to bring your work to the meeting that is most convenient for you!

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