Global Experiences

Go where your curiosity takes you.

Connect to the World

A global experience is essential—and guaranteed—for every Colby student. Students should also experience a lively international culture on campus.

DavisConnects offers an exceptional and unique set of opportunities for students to deepen their education and improve their post-graduate outcomes.

It is our belief that the liberal arts must engage the finest students and faculty from around the globe to provide opportunities and experiences to educate the next generation of global leaders.

Global Programs

Davis Grants for Global Experiences

Need-based awards that provide Colby students with universal access to international experiences.

Davis Global Engagement Fellowships

Prestigious awards that provide enhanced support for the next generation of global leaders.

Summit on Global Engagement

An annual on-campus event that connects the entire Colby community to the College’s global initiatives and priorities.

Davis Fund for Global Innovation

A globally focused fund to support Colby faculty in creating innovative academic and research experiences.

Photo: “Om Mani Padme Hum,” by Anne Vetter ’17, from Colby Jan Plan Photo Contest 2015.