Student Funding

DavisConnects is the clearinghouse for Colby students to receive funding for global, internship, and research experiences to support post-graduate success.

Funding is available starting your first semester on campus and is offered regardless of your personal networks, connections, or financial means.

Take the time the explore this webpage from top to bottom. The information here will help maximize your chances for a successfully funded application.

During each funding cycle, the application will only be live for a limited number of days and can be accessed below under “Start Your Funding Application.”

Most applicants will need to fill out and submit the General Application and the General Application Part II. You will automatically be considered for all funds that DavisConnects directly administers. Presidential Scholars and Bunche Scholars will also need to complete these steps to be considered for their grants.

The Office of Civic Engagement and Community Partnerships are now offering The O’Hanian-Szostak Fellowship on this platform during this Fall ’21 funding cycle. Applicants will need to fill out General Application Part I and then will be taken to a separate application.


Applying for funding through DavisConnects is easy. During each funding cycle, click this link. Then sign in with your Colby username and password in the upper righthand side.



The current cycle is for Fall 2021 semester opportunities.

Application Opens: Thurs., July 15 @ 12:00 AM EST

Application Closes: Wed., August 4 @ 11:59 PM EST

Award Notifications: Thurs., August 19 by 5:00 PM EST

Post-Acceptance Requirements: Fri., Sept. 10


Email: [email protected]


Download a PDF of funding information and/or scroll down this page for info on how to prepare your funding application


Students wishing to travel to a country currently under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 are required to submit a petition to the Travel Advisory Review Committee and receive approval before funding notifications. Visit the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory page to view the designation of your proposed destination.

Application Requirements

Click on “Application Components” to prepare your funding application in advance.

Click on Fund Disbursement Requirements to understand what is expecting once an award is offered.

Below are the main components of the General Application. If you wish to also be considered for fund opportunities outside of DavisConnects, please visit the respective links at the top of this page to view fund-specific questions.

Funding applications can be submitted without a secured internship, but should be completed with information for one specific opportunity – the one that is most likely to take place. The committee will make a decision based on the initial application. If you are awarded funding, it will be provisional on receipt of a letter or email from the organization confirming the opportunity. If your plans or circumstances change, you may resubmit your application only once by notifying [email protected]

  1. If applicable, how will this experience significantly expand your awareness of or engagement with international topics? Please explain if you do not feel as though it is applicable. (150 Words Max)

  2. If applicable, please describe the mission or nature of your supervising organization. (200 Words Max)

  3. If this is a Non-Colby program that involves coursework, please describe the nature of this coursework and if you plan to seek credit transfer. (200 Word Max).

  4. Please describe your role and discuss your contribution. If this is a course, please outline what you will bring of value to your classmates and instructor as a participant in the course. (350 Words Max)

  5. What are your learning objectives and how will you measure successful outcomes? Please specify the skills and knowledge that you hope to gain. (350 Words Max)

  6. How will this experience enhance your time at Colby? If you feel it is applicable, how will this experience contribute to your post-graduate plans? (350 Words Max)

  7. If you do not currently receive financial aid, please explain why you are seeking funding for this experience. If you receive financial aid, please feel free to further explain your level of need as funds are limited. (350 Words Max)

Please prepare the following in advance:

  1. Work with DavisConnects advisors to craft and revise your résumé. This is highly suggested before you upload it to your funding application.

  2. Identify and reach out to a Colby staff or faculty member who would be willing to provide a reference. Confirm that they agree to do this and give them a heads up that they will be sent a short survey via email after you enter their information in the funding application.

  3. View this example budget and attend one of the information sessions on campus to begin calculating all of the costs associated with the experience including travel, meals, housing, etc. A well-thought out and reasonable budget is one of the biggest deciding factors so please follow the guidelines on the worksheet.You may erase the sample expenses and use this to prepare your real budget.

If you are offered an award in the funding portal, you will need to click “Accept” to gain access to the Post-Acceptance Application. These must be completed by the deadline.

Once these steps are met, DavisConnects staff will notify Student Financial Services (SFS). Your money will be released via direct deposit (if you have it set up with the College) or by paper check (which can be picked up in the SFS office).

If it is a Colby faculty led Jan Plan credit course or a Global Innovation or Global Lab course during the spring or fall semester, your deposit for enrollment will be made automatically by Student Financial Services. Additionally, those students participating in a Colby faculty led course only need to address #10 below as post-acceptance requirements will be handled by the faculty leader.

    1. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Colby College is requiring completion of the following information from all supervising organizations prior to awarding funding. The post-acceptance application will host a form, similar to the faculty/staff reference form, that the hosting supervisor must complete once you email it to them. This will include the following:

        • Colby Student Name
        • Hosting Institution Name
        • Address of Hosting Institution Work Site
        • Hosting Institution Supervisor Name
        • Hosting Supervisor Phone/Email Address
        • Student Experience/Position
        • Anticipated Dates of Experience
        • The experience will be either a) remote or b) include some form of on-site attendance
      The supervisor must attest to the following:
      • The student experience identified above is planned to go forward as indicated.
      • If the student experience identified above includes some form of in-person attendance or participation, the hosting institution is committed to following all federal, state, and local directives and following best practices for maintaining a safe working environment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
      • I give permission for Colby College to contact me to discuss this certification and the Student’s experience.


    2. If it is a research position:

      Register the experience through the Registrar as an Independent Study (summer research experiences must be registered for the following fall semester). Take a screenshot or save the confirmation email as proof of registration.

    3. For an internship, find and secure a faculty sponsor:

      • Your sponsor can be someone who is comfortable evaluating your internship experience, even outside of their discipline area to grant you credit. This decision is at the discretion of the faculty member.
      • Come to an agreement with your sponsor regarding the format and content of your final project if you are pursuing the optional academic credit hour.


    4. To register an internship for transcript notation or academic credit:

      Fill out the online application form. You can find detailed information on the Internships page by clicking here.

      This application requires specifics such as company name, address, site supervisor’s name, and hours to be worked. The minimum number of hours onsite for an internship is 100 hours. Most Jan Plan internships involve 30 hours per week. The application also requires a detailed proposal that should:

      • Specify the anticipated responsibilities or projects.
      • State what you hope to learn.
      • State how the internship relates to your long-term goals, such as exploring a career field.
      • Specify the nature and scope of the final academic product if you are applying for the optional academic credit hour.


    5. You will receive a confirmation email if your faculty sponsor and DavisConnects approves your internship.

      Your internship will appear as an “090” course on your schedule. If you were approved for academic credit, the one credit will show there. You may register for transcript notation only, which does not require a final project (academic credit requires a final project to be completed). Please note: you MUST complete a daily journal and at least 100 working hours regardless of which option you choose.

      Successful completion of internship assignments is a requirement of funding. You may only withdraw (by the due date) if the internship falls through or due to extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, incomplete requirements will lead to a grade of NC on your transcript.

    6. If you will be participating in a Non-Colby course or third party program provider:

      You will need to find a Colby faculty member in advance who will vouch for the reputability of the organization and the benefit of your particular experience as it relates to your studies and/or career. They will be prompted to fill out a short survey after you enter their contact information in the Post-Acceptance Application.

    7. All recipients of funding will be required to fill out a Release of Liability form.

      This form will be available in the post-acceptance application and can be downloaded here . If you are under 18 years of age AND/OR will be traveling internationally to a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” designated country, a parent or guardian must also sign.

    8. You will need to seek committee approval if traveling to a State Department Level III country and upload approval to the post-acceptance application.

      Colby College does not allow travel to countries under U.S. State Dept. Travel Advisory Level 4 countries and discourages travel to countries and participation in programs under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3.

      Students wishing to travel to a country currently under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 are required to submit a petition to the Travel Advisory Review Committee providing a complete description of and justification for their study/travel at a Travel Advisory Level 3 site.

      Please download a copy of the Travel Advisory Petition. While this petition is not part of the post-acceptance application, it must be approved before a funding decision is made.

    9. You will need to register your travel details on the Colby Travel Registry found here: Upload email confirmation of registration to the post-acceptance application.

      All funded students traveling to a destination outside of the U.S., except international students returning to their home country, will be automatically enrolled in mandatory, but complimentary comprehensive travel security/medical insurance under the iNext Ultimate Plan.

      You are welcome to arrange for any additional insurance that you consider adequate to meet any and all needs for payment of medical or other travel-related expenses. iNext insurance is intended to provide medical and travel security coverage for abroad travel but is not a substitute for basic health insurance.

      Students who are enrolled in the Colby-sponsored student health insurance plan through Cross Insurance are covered within the U.S. and abroad, with the exception of international students; international students do not have coverage in their home country but do have coverage in the U.S. and other nations. See the Cross Insurance webpage for more information at this website .

      iNext Comprehensive Ultimate Group Plan Details

      iNext Comprehensive Ultimate Group Plan FAQs

      iNext Comprehensive Ultimate Group Plan Confirmation of Coverage

    10. Colby staff or faculty reference:

      An award determination will be made with or without the required Colby staff or faculty reference. If the award is made in your favor, fund disbursement is conditional on receiving a positive reference before the post-acceptance deadline.


Learn More In Person

Meet With Your DavisConnects Advisor

We’re here to help you identify the optimal experience in the areas in which you’re interested. Start by meeting with one of our industry expert advisors.

Attend an Information Session

Learn more about the application process and have a chance to ask questions at various information sessions hosted by Associate Director of Global Experiences Scott Lamer.

Perfect Your Funding Application

Once you’ve drafted your application, meet with Associate Director of Global Experiences Scott Lamer to answer any specific application questions and ensure a strong application.

Important considerations

    • Most funds cap awards at $3,000 but modest exceptions are limited to a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the funding committees.
    • While you may not be funded twice in one academic year, you are highly encouraged to apply each year.
    • While all awards are competitive, many grant and fellowship funds are designated for needs-based students; in some cases, applicants must have a current academic year financial aid application at Colby to be eligible. Students who do not receive financial aid are encouraged to fill out a financial need explanation statement to make the case as to why they are requesting funds.
    • You should not tie your plans to winning these very competitive awards; it’s important for you to make alternative plans in the event you do not qualify or are not selected. Non-refundable deposits for airfare and housing should not be made before award notification unless you are willing to take that loss.
    • Fund awards are not meant to completely reimburse costs but to supplement expenses incurred during the experience (lodging, travel, meals, etc.). No part of the award serves as compensation for the experience even if you will be prevented from accepting paid work necessary for your livelihood. A case for lost wages may be made in the proposed budget and funding committees may consider this on a compelling case-by-case basis.
    • You do not need to have secured a position to apply for funds, but you will be required to provide proof from the organization before funds are released. You should complete your application based on a specific opportunity that is most likely to take place.
    • If you are offered an award but your plans change, you will be eligible (and are required) to update and resubmit your application one time by emailing [email protected] The funding committee reserves the right to change the award amount previously offered.
    • Donor Relations will reach out to all grant recipients immediately following the experience with a questionnaire to be completed. Answers will be shared with donors. This is a requirement for those who received funding for their experiences.
    • If you are granted funding from another source at Colby, you are required to notify the Associate Director of Global Experiences at DavisConnects. Each funding committee reserves the right to adjust awards for students who receive funding from other sources.
    • Applicants must be current Colby students and not on an involuntary leave of absence during the term in which the award will be used. Rare exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis if the leave is voluntary and temporary.
    • Many funds are not to be used to pay for tuition or fees from third party programs or courses offered by other college and universities. Funding committees will consider programs on a case-by-case basis. It is preferred that awards reimburse costs for registered internships, research positions, or Jan Plan courses led by Colby faculty.
    • Colby College does not allow travel to countries under U.S. State Dept. Travel Advisory Level 4 countries and discourages travel to countries and participation in programs under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3. Students wishing to travel to a country currently under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 are required to submit a petition to the Travel Advisory Review Committee providing a complete description of and justification for their study/travel at a Travel Advisory Level 3 site. Please contact [email protected] for a copy of the Travel Advisory Petition guidelines. If approved, the student and his/her parents will then be required to sign a second waiver as part of the application for approval process.
    • Funds granted must be used solely for the purpose outlined in the final application submission. Students have an obligation to disclose in writing any changes to the application information or outright cancellation of the experience by emailing [email protected] Failure to do so may result in an obligation to repay or forfeit the funding, and may constitute misconduct under Colby’s student and academic misconduct procedures.

Funding Sources

Davis Grants and Fellowships offer need-based awards to ensure universal access to international experiences.

Endowed funds are created by generous alumni, friends, and supporters of Colby to ensure exceptional student experiences exist in perpetuity.