Grace K. Von Tobel

Contractual Services (Retired)

Von Tobel, Grace K.


B.S., Penn State University
M.A., Michigan State University

Areas of Expertise

  • editing
  • scheduling
  • web research

Personal Interests

After writing stories about dragons, they began to show themselves in clay at the pottery studio. Here are some pictures of the unique characters of Kemen.

Personal Interests

Canine companionship. I've been Gentle's human for nearly 6 years. She arrived in my life when she was 8 months old...having been found running the roads near Freedom, Maine. We courted one another at the Waterville Humane Society and decided to be a team. She is quite sociable with humans as well as fellow canines. However, felines remain fast-moving toys in her eyes. Her favorite place is Runnals Hill where she can enjoy romping without a leash--a rare priviledge for a hunter who loves to follow her nose.

Personal Interests

My travel journal from a 3-week journey in Kenya visiting Kenyan women, fellow members of "Women Welcome Women World Wide" (5W)

Personal Interests

This is the page where it can all be found: all of the links below, plus pictures of friends & family, home at 100 Cool Street, and a few odds and ends. If you want to be included in my rogues' gallery--send me a scanned picture of yourself.

Personal Interests

Pictures from Kenya journey--January 2006!


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