Temple Street temporarily closed for utility work | May 25, 2017

The last time Waterville experienced such an expansive construction effort on Main Street was during urban renewal, and this week marks what is perhaps the busiest construction period downtown since that time. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and patience as we work together for Waterville’s future.

An update of upcoming work and a progress report on work underway is  below.

Upcoming Work

  • Utility work on Temple Street has begun, with Temple Street temporarily closed until June 30 to allow this work to proceed. The attached graphic illustrates how traffic will be redirected during work. We will provide progress updates and hope that this portion of the construction can be completed ahead of schedule.

  • On Tuesday, May 30, the existing barricades and fencing along Main Street between Appleton and Temple Streets will be relocated onto Main Street to allow for work along the west side of the street. With pedestrian safety in mind, the City has advised that parking in the existing diagonal spaces will not be permitted during this phase of work, estimated to be 12 months in duration.
  • The installation of new water service to 173 Main Street will require a temporary shutdown of the water main along Main Street from the old Post Office to Temple Street. To minimize disruptions, this work is scheduled from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Monday, June 5.

Progress Report

  • The installation of a new water main on Appleton Street is complete (ahead of schedule) and Appleton Street is now re-opened to two-way traffic between Main and Elm Streets.