Hello everyone! As promised, this is our last event of the year! We hope to see you there!

Hi everyone, as the last week of classes is a upon us, There are still 2 events left (I think). This one is on May 2! Also for those of you studying abroad in the fall, there is a mandatory OCS meeting on May 3.

Hello all! Hope you had a restful spring break. Now, its full charge to the end of the semester and we already have events lined up so stay tuned! To start, we are holding an info session for students interested in the EAS, Japanese, or Chinese majors/minors on April 5th at 7 PM (Dana 002).


Hi everyone! Just a reminder that our EAS Senior Presentations are happening tomorrow! Hope to see some of you there! 


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about a fun event this week! Come join us for snacks and chats this Tuesday!

Hello wonderful people of East Asian Studies! Today is a special day because we are back on campus!!! Woohoo! I know it is the first day but we have a ton of announcements… actually there are just two.
FIRST Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!!! To celebrate there will may events in the coming week from February 4th to the 13th! Also we want to hear about your New Year’s Celebrations! See the QR code on the flyer for share your story!
SECOND Those of you studying abroad in the the deadline for your proposal on the Colby end of things is February 20th in the Off Campus Study portal. Even if you still have not flushed out all the details for your program, this still must be completed by the above date.

Hi everyone, as the semester is coming to end, we hope you are all doing well. In this next week as you think about your courses, here is a list of all the courses the department is offering in the spring! Also, for those of you planning on studying abroad this summer and in the fall 2022 or spring 2023 be sure to commit a good amount of time starting to put your plan together over winter break and January.



Another event! Wow the month just started and we already have so many events for y’all!! Anyway, this is definitely going to be an interesting topic for discussion! We are excited for what Dr. Martin has in store for us! We hope to see you there!


Now this one event is really interesting… the one and only Professor Seth Kim is tackling the latest explosion of Korean cinema and TV aka. Squid Game! This will be a a lot of fun so please come :)!


Hello everyone! We want to extend a warm welcome to all the parents of our EAS students this Parents’ Weekend. Come join us for a chance to meet and chat with EAS faculty!