Summer 2015 in East Asia

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In this semester’s East Asian Studies Student-Faculty Research Colloquium, students presented their internship or study abroad experience in East Asia this past summer. Student presenters included Gayatri Das Gupta ’18, Andy Lin ’18, Leo McGuinness ’17, Bill Lin ’16, Will Kunin ’16, and Felix Liang ’16. Listed below is what they did over the summer along with relevant links. If you would like to learn more about the students’ internships/study abroad experiences and the grants they applied for, please contact them via email.

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Gayatri Das Gupta ’18
Unpaid internship at the Linden Centre in Yunan, China
(Linden Centre mentioned that they are interested in having more Colby students intern. Please contact Gayatri for more information.)
[email protected]

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Andy Lin ’18
Unpaid internship at Arabica Roasters (founded by a Colby alum) in Shanghai
Received funding through the Hsu Endowed Internship Fund (Colby Grant)
[email protected]

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Leo McGuinness ’17
Study Abroad in Taipei, Taiwan through International Chinese Language Program
Received funding through Huayu Enrichment Scholarship
[email protected]

Bill Lin ’16
Paid internship teaching SAT Prep through Yali School in Changsha, China
[email protected]

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Will Kunin ’16
Unpaid internship at AFLAC (through the Career Center) in Tokyo, Japan
Received funding through the John Roderick Fund (Colby Grant)
[email protected]

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Felix Liang ’16
Study Abroad in Beijing, China through China Studies Institute
Received partial funding through the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
[email protected]

East Asian Studies Student-Faculty Research Colloquium

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm in Robert’s Private Dining Room

“My Summer in East Asia”  Students will discuss the internship or study program that they participated in this summer.

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Monday, September 28, 2015 at 4:00 pm in Lovejoy 213

Dr. Shuming Bao, University of MIchigan, will present a talk titled: “Spatial Study of China with Statistics, Census and GIS data”

EAS Welcome Tea

Join us on Thursday September 10, 2015 at 4:00 pm in Lovejoy 423 for our annual Welcome Tea.

Come have a cup of Chinese or Japanese tea, and catch up and socialize with fellow East Asian Studies students and EAS faculty.

EAS Alumni Dinner and Awards Ceremony



  Talk by Janet Shibamoto Smith, Monday April 13, 2015 4:00 pm



    East Asian Studies Student-Faculty Colloquium




East Asian Studies Award Ceremony and 4th Annual Alumni Dinner


Film screening: Unfinished Comedy (1957). Lovejoy 205, March


March 6 4:00-5:00, Lovejoy 215. Professor Rea “A Brief History of Censorship and Self-censorship in Chinese Cartoons”



Student Presentation at Art Museum

Please join us for a research presentation event by students from Professors Besio’s EA 231 (The Chinese Novel) and Weitz’s AR376 (Chinese Painting).

Time: 7:00 pm, Nov. 21

Location: Colby Museum.


World Vision Song Contest

Please join us for the 2013 World Vision Song Contest this coming Friday, 7:00 pm Nov. 1 at Given Auditorium. Seven foreign language teams are competing for the championship. Our Chinese and Japanese singing teams are ready to take the center stage. Come to cheer our teams!





China Town Hall and Professor Kaup on Violence and Ethnic Regions in China

Colby College has joined 60 cities across the US for this year’s  China Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections, a national program  to discuss US-China relations. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will be the featured webcast speaker for this year’s China Town Hall and the local speaker at Colby is Dr. Katherine Kaup, James D. Duke Professor of Asian Studies and Political Science, Furman University

“Conflict and Violence in Xinjiang and Tibet: Is There a Way Out for China?” by Dr. Kaup.
Time: 4:00 pm, Oct. 28. Diamond 122.

Live webcast featuring Secretary Albright
Time: 7:00 pm, Oct. 28. Diamond 122



EAS Colloquium-Professor LaCouture’s lecture