Class of 2020

Kevin Muñoz “Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill: The Bolstering of Nationalism and Independence Sentiments”

Ashley Olvera “Expectation vs Reality: Education Inequalities for Poor Rural Girls”

Anna Ramirez “A Critical Comparison of Abe Shinzo’s Economic Policies”

Benjamin Retik “Persuading the Peasants: Propaganda Posters from Land Reform to Collectivization 1050-1958”

Tabreya Ryan “Killing Kayako: Deconstructing Male Insecurity, Violence against Women, and Female Vengeance in Shimizu Takashi’s Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)”

Jiameng Sun “Volunteer Participation and Elderly Care in Japan: Evidence from the Japanese General Social Survey”

Pei-sen Zhou “Owners of Science: Political Ideals Carried by Scientists in Unno Juza’s Writing: A Translation of ‘Astonishment of the Slow Artillery’”

Class of 2019

Boyu Fu, “Child-rearing Policies in Japan from 2005 to 2018”

Carter Garfield, “Female Impersonation: Gay Culture in Japan and the United States”

Jefferey Lin, “Taiwanese Private Educational Decision Track”

Linh Nguyen, “How Consumerism Shapes/ Distorts the Consuming Market in China and Chinese’ Domestic and Abroad (in Japan) Consumption Behavior?”

Lucas Pereira, “An Otaku Approach to Understanding Fashion Obsession in Tokyo, Japan”

Yiming Qi, “Reading the Love-Relations in Tanizaki Junichiro’s ‘A Portrait of Shunkin’ and ‘A Fool’s Love’: Subversion, Sadomasochism, and Male Fantasy”

Caitlin Rogers, “Migrant Children and Education in China”

Carly Thomas, “The Politics of the PLA: How China uses the PLA to Deter Democracy in Hong Kong”

Class of 2018

Alex Beach “Development of Electronic Payment systems in China and its Effects on the Economy”

Gayatri Das Gupta “The 2008 Tainted Formula Crisis: New Mothers and their Continued Preference for Infant Formula”

Loan HeilnerViệt Kiều Mỹ: Vietnamese Refugees’ Immigration to America”

Daphne Hernandez “Japanese Women in the United States: Defining Japanese Identity through Tea Ceremony”

Andy Lin “Money from Fuzhounese Immigrants: Commodifying Filial Piety”

Ling MacLean “Fish Aware of the Water: Asian Colby Students from 1980s Tell Their Stories”

Doug Mo “China’s ‘New Woman’ during the Republican Era (1912-1949): How Linglong Pictorial Magazine (1931-1937) Responded to the Nationalist Government’s Regulations”

Kristen Settele “China and Angola: Oil Relationship in Crisis”