We are thrilled to have the following students participating in our Student Poster Session:

Alex Wilsterman (Colby College): “Using Market and Non-Market Valuations Systems to Identify Optimal Grassland Restoration Locations in Illinois”

Alexandra Ojerholm (Colby College): “Learning By Playing: Evaluating Backward Induction”

Bojian Sun (Bates College): “Evaluation of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed-Rail’s Impact on the Economic Development of Neighboring Cities: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis”

Brandan Rivard (Colby College): “Does FIFA World Cup Success Impact the Stock Market?”

Brendan Cosgrove (Colby College): “The Economic Impact of Shale Gas Development: A Natural Experiment along the New York and Pennsylvania Border”

Brian Kennedy (Bates College): “An Economic Impact Analysis for Maine’s Rockweed Industry”

Clare Peaslee (Colby College): “Life Insurance Holdings in the Great Recession: Examining the Impact of Economic Perceptions on the Decision to Drop or Purchase Coverage”

Emily Meade (Bates College): “The Economic Cost of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Maine”

Eva Manandhar (University of Maine): “Message Framing and People’s Perception about Wind Power in Maine”

Johanna Barrett (University of Maine): “Muncipality-Level Characteristics of Local Food Exchanges in Maine”

Justin Swansburg (Colby College): “The Role of Housing and Stock Prices in the Great Recession: A Macroeconomic DSGE Analysis”

Katharine Eddy (Colby College): “Waterville Recycling: Resident’s Preferences, Cost-Benefit, and Historic Challenges”

Leilani S C Pao (Colby College): “Color and the Value of Art”

Lori Ayanian (Colby College): “The Effects of the Indonesian Financial Crisis On Children’s Later Life Outcomes”

Lucy O’Keefe (Colby College): “An Economic Impact Analysis of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed”

Meagan Hennessey (Colby College): “Land Conservation in the Face of Sea-Level Rise”

Sandra Goff (University of Maine): “Do Dollars Degrade Sustainability Norms? An Experiment to Assess the Effect of Economic Valuation Information on Pro-Environmental Behavior”

Shannon Kooser (Colby College): “What’s Gender Got to do with It? Gendered Decision-Making in Moroccan Households”

Steven Dutra (University of Maine): “Economic Feasibility of Distributed Solar Water Heating in Maine”