Saturday, April 28
Diamond Building, Colby College


Alejandro Dellachiesa ([email protected])
Samara Gunter ([email protected])
Yao Tang ([email protected])
Guillermo Vuletin ([email protected])


Presentations will take place in classroom 141, Diamond Building. The Diamond building is building #9 in attached map. Each presentation will last 35 minutes. It will be followed by a discussant (10 minutes) and questions from the public (15 minutes).


There are numerous visitor parking lots on campus. The most convenient one (i.e., closest to the Diamond building) is the “Lunder lot” (see red oval in attached map).

Campus Map:  click here for map of conference buildings

Conference Program

8:30 am Breakfast in atrium, Diamond Building
9:00 am “Extended families and child wellbeing”
(Daniel LaFave, Colby College; Duncan Thomas, Duke University)
Discussant: James Hughes, Bates College
10:00 am Break
10:30 am “Nonlinear effects of soda taxes on consumption and weight outcomes”
(David Frisvold, Emory University; Jason Fletcher, Yale University; Robert Wood, Columbia University, Nate Tefft, Bates College)
Discussant: Samara Gunter
11:30 am “Estimating the impact of climate change, extreme weather, and soil quality on global crop production”
(Erik Nelson, Bowdoin College; Jae Bradley, Bowdoin College)
Discussant: Carl Schwinn, Bates College
12:30 pm Lunch and poster session in atrium, Diamond Building
2:00 pm “Coresidency and labor force participation of Chinese’s population aged 50 or older”
(Rachel Connolly, Bowdoin College; Margaret Maurer-Fazio, Bates College)
Discussant: Deborah DeGraff, Bowdoin College
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm “Valuing ecosystem restoration: tradeoffs, experience and design”
(Sahan Dissanayake, Colby College; Amy Ando, University of Illinois)
Discussant: Michael Murray, Bates College
4:30 pm “How did the exchange rate affect employment in American cities between 2002 and 2010?”
(Haifang Huan, University of Alberta; Yao Tang, Bowdoin College)
Discussant: Andreas Waldkirch, Colby College
5:30 pm Reception (5:30) and dinner (6:00) in Parker Reed, Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center (Building #39 in attached map)