Inaugurated in 1978, the Grossman Professorship Lecture is an annual event in the honor of Nissie Grossman (class of 1932).  From its inception until 2001 Grossman Professor Emeritus Jan Hogendorn gave the lecture.  The current Grossman Professor, Patrice Franko, gave 5 annual addresses; the lecture is now given either by a prominent visitor or any member of the economics faculty.

Nissie Grossman earned his BA from Colby College and his MBA from Harvard University. He dedicated his life to Grossman’s, the family building materials business. Starting as a yard worker, he moved up through the company to become Chairman of the Board in 1968. Twice elected to the Colby College Board of Trustees, he established the second endowed chair in the history of the College, the Grossman Professorship.  Mr. Grossman’s Colby legacy endures through his son Tom Grossman (class of 1963), niece Barbara Starr Wolf (class of 1950), grandson Scott Kadish (1994), great  niece Alessandra Grossman(2019) and the Grossman Professorship.

2016: “Machine Learning and the Economics of Crime”
Jens Ludwig
University of Chicago

2015 Hillary Hoynes, Goldman School of Public Policy University of California, Berkeley, “Poverty, the Social Safety Net, and the Great Recession” (link to 2015 Grossman Lecture)

2014 Dean Karlan, Professor of Economics & Yale University, “Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism”

2013 Scott Barrett, Earth Institute & Columbia University, “Avoiding Climate Catastrophe”

2012 James Meehan, Wadsworth Professor of Economics, “Why Economists Should Be Humble When Giving Policy Advice” click here to listen to the podcast for this lecture. 

2011 Professor Brendan Walsh (UC Dublin) “From Celtic Tiger to Celtic Catastrophe: What We Can Learn from Ireland’s Economic Crash” click here to listen to the podcast for this lecture. 

2010 Senior Fellow Alice Rivlin (Brookings), “Can Our Political System Handle the Economic Challenges We Face?”

2009 Professor Patrice Franko, “Sovereign Wealth Funds: Poison or Medicine for the Global Economy?”

2008 Professor Tom Tietenberg, “Emissions Trading: The Evolution of an Economic Idea from Concept to Global Implementation”

2007 Professor Patrice Franko, “Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Milton Friedman Right? Applications from Latin America”

2006 Professor Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas), “The Economics of Time”

2005 Professor Patrice Franko, “Precaution or Protection: Beef Hormones, GMOs and the Transatlantic Food Fight”

2004 Professor Patrice Franko, “The Year of Living Dangerously: Trade Policy in 2004”

2003 Professor Patrice Franko, “Humanitarian versus Effective Aid: A Development Dilemma”

2002 Professor Stanley Engerman (University of Rochester), “Economic Aspects of Sanctions and Blockades”

2001 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “175 Years of Economics at Colby”

1999 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “EMU or Ostrich?”

1998 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “You Can Bet On It: The Economics of Gambling”

1997 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The World and Our Wages”

1996 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Our Banks Are Changing and We Must Be Sure that They Are Safe”

1994 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Population Growth: Blessing or Curse?”

1993 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Phoenix or Dodo? The Russian Economy after the Fall of Communism”

1992 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “GATT Going: The Crisis in International Trade”

1991 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Our Tax System Isn’t Fair – What are Are We Going to Do about it?”

1990 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “What’s Wrong with Africa’s Economies”

1989 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The Economics of Defense”

1988 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “A Conservative Economic Revolution in Europe”

1987 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The False Promise of Protectionism”

1986 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The Economics of Health Care – a Prescription”

1984 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The Economics of the United States and Central America”

1983 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The Farm and the State: Government Intervention in Agriculture”

1982 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “A Contrat between Japanese and American Adjustment Policies”

1981 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Economics in the Polish Crisis”

1980 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The Sick Man of Europe: A Look at the British Economy Today”

1979 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “The Economics of War”

1978 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Some Thoughts on the Convergence of Marxian and Market Economies”

Inauguaral lecture, 1977 Professor Jan Hogendorn, “Economics Through the Oeil-de-Boeuf”