2022 Senior Theses

Hannah Davidsen – The Effects of Personality and Risk Preferences on Effort-Based Behavior: A Game Theoretic Approach

Cameron Dyer – Is Monetary Policy Neutral? The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission Across the Income Distribution

Yusuke Fukuda – Discrimination Among College Football Head Coaches

Jason Garrelick – Priced In? The Effects of News Coverage on the Stock Market

Jacob Gray – How Does the Introduction of a Wind Farm Impact Average Wage?

Dan Hiller – Municipal Reform in the Progressive Era: Spatial Spread and Fiscal Outcomes of the Commission Government

Muxin Li – How Do Natural Disasters Affect the Variation in Government Spending and the Way it is Financed?

Terri Nwanma – Does the Level of Women’s Empowerment Determine the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in Developing Countries?

Alex Ozols – Bean to Buck: Examining the Effects of Global Coffee Commodity Market on Smallholders in Colombia

Benjamin Plevin – Two-Sided Matching: A Study of Underemployment

Kat Specht – Impacts of Profamilia Program Spread on Contraceptive Use and Fertility Rates in Colombia During its Introduction

Jack Tomlin – How Well Do You Know Your Music Preferences?

Chris Zhu – Dynamic Double Auctions: An Analysis in Secondary Sneaker Market and its Future as a NFT Marketplace


2021 Senior Theses

Meredith Allen – Measuring Social Capital: An Analysis of Twenty-First Century Economic and Cultural Evolution

Zachary Bergman – Determinants of Modern Baseball Card Prices on the Secondary Market

Jason Dunn – Gold Mineral Districts, Mountains and Path Dependence in US Western Economic Development

Nathan Haddon – Differences in the Cost of Mortgage Credit Across Racial Lines: Does Race Still Affect Interest Rates Pain on Mortgages?

Qingbo Liu – Modeling Consumer Decision Making: A Regret Theory Approach

Jacob Nash – A Micro-level Analysis of College Attendance Patterns of US-born Children in Early 20th-Century Maine

Sofia Oliveira – What Factors Determine Whether an NCAA Women’s Soccer Head Coaching Position is Filled by a Female Coach?

Sam Scott – Hidden Wealth Transfers: Examining the Increase in Wealth Inequality During Quantitative Easing II

Ben Smith – College Application Fee Effects on Applicant Volume

Helen Yang – The Predictive Power of Term Structure Under Negative Interest Rate Regime


2020 Senior Theses

Jerry Bao – Effects of Exposure to Chinese Imports on School Spending and Revenue from Property Tax

Yuanyuan Dong – Impacts of a Movie’s Rivals’ Releasing Decisions on its Domestic Box Office Revenue

Caroline Dunsby – Naloxone Access and Opioid Use: A Theoretical Analysis

Zejun (Alice) Gao – Effect of the Establishment of Subway Lines on Housing Price in Beijing

Paula Jaramillo – Examining Effects of Extreme Weather Variation on Socioemotional Development of Children in Colombia

Chasity McFAdden – The Residential Location Choices of Chabad Households: An Analysis of Decision Making with Non-Price Constraints

Tracy Quan – Mind the Gap: Are Equal Pay Acts Effective?

Amanda Schmidt – Diversity, Bias and Student Outcomes

Adji Seck – Estimating the Impact of Power Outages on the Informal Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa

John Steenrod – After School Programs and Their Effect on Children’s Well-Being

Drew Williamson – Google Search Sentiment and Sector ETF Performace


2019 Senior Theses

Shabab Ahmed – Game Theory in Cricket

John Carhart – The Impacts of Agricultural Cooperatives on Smallholder Farmers in Rural Thailand

Carolyn Harney – To Poach or Not to Poach: An Analysis of Technological Advancements on an Individual’s Decision to Poach in African Range States

Emil Kee-Tui – The Persistent Effects of Segregation on Residential Water Use in Bulawayo

Kebing Li – Investigating the Effect Crime has on Uber and Yellow Taxi Pickups in NYC

Matt Richman – System Effects and Their Impact on the NBA Labor Market




2018 Seniors!
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Joseph Anile – Is Zero a Bad Thing? Investigating Spillover Effects of Zero Interest Rates

Caitlin Heaps – Would you donate your kidney to a stranger? A look at organ donation and incentives among college students

Ryunosuke Matsuura – The Effect of Improved Cookstoves on the Firewood Demand in Rural Ethiopia

Deanna Morris – Stimulating Economic Growth in Western Maine: A Case Study of Maine Huts & Trails

George Voigt – Optimizing Coastal Land Conservation: A Case Study Application of Modern Portfolio Theory to the Coastline of New England

Gale Chen Ziaojing – Study Abroad Industry and the Rise of Education Consultants in the People’s Republic of China


Gaby Carpenter – The Effect of Temperature on the Supply and Demand for the American Lobster (Homarus americanus) in the State of Maine

Xiaojie (Jackie) Chen – Risk Taking During the Great Recession: The Impact of Market Experiences on Financial Risk Tolerance

John Morrow – Unintended Consequences of Cap-and-Trade: Evidence from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Austin Murphy – Detecting Stock Market Bubbles: A Price-to- Earnings Approach Christopher Shorey – Defensive Ability and Salary Determination in Major League Baseball

Sylvia Xu – The Effects of the One-Child Policy on Household Financial Decisions

Zachary Schutzman – Computational Simulation and Analysis of Landscape Auctions


Nils Carlson – Analysis of Post-Earnings-Announcement Market Reactions: Is There Still a Delayed Price Response and Can it be Exploited Charles Coffman – Institutions, Distance, and Foreign Direct Investment

Zachary Esakof – Cost Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Policy on Military Installations

Kushveer Jadeja – Reputation Effects and Hedonic Pricing at the Portland Fish Exchange

Charles Madden – Announcement Effects of Convertible Debt: Do Firm and Market Characteristics Affect the Magnitude of Abnormal Stock Returns?

Alex Ng – Market Microstructure and Abnormal Returns: An Analysis of NYSE and SGX Securities

Erik Solli – Investigating the Endogeneity of Risk Attitudes: Experimental Evidence Involving Cooperation and Competition

Maria Zeta Valladolid – Drivers and Barriers to Financial Inclusion in Peru: A Demand-Side Approach

Jingying Xu – Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from China


Lori Ayanian, “The Effects of the Indonesian Financial Crisis On Children’s Later Life Outcomes”
Brendan Cosgrove, “The Economic Impact of Shale Gas Development: A Natural Experiment along the New York and Pennsylvania Border”
Meagan Hennessey, “Conservation Choices in the Face of Sea-Level Rise”
Shannon Kooser, “What’s Gender Got to Do With It? The Effects of Women’s Decision-Making in Morocco”
Lucy O’Keeffe, “The Economic Impact of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed”
Alex Ojerholm, “Learning By Playing: Evaluating Backward Induction”
Clare Peaslee, “Life Insurance Holdings in the Great Recession”
Brandan Rivard, “Do Unexpected FIFA World Cup Match Results Impact the Stock Market?”
Justin Swansburg, “Was Housing to Blame? A DSGE Analysis of the Great Recession”


Daniel Garin, “The Effects of Political Signaling on the Federal Reserve”
Justine Seraganian, “First Year Collegiate Academic Success: Do Athletes Perform at the Same Level as Their Peers?”
Peter Jones, “Classroom Peer Effects in Higher Education: Evidence From Colby College”
Thomas Abe, “Can the Stock Market Predict FDA Approvals for New Drug Applicants?”
Marcus Josefsson, “The Macroeconomic Effect of Currency Union Dissolution: Evidence from the Narrative”
Rebecca Newman, “The Post-Crisis Relevance of Inflation Targeting”
Qi Sun, “The Influence of Central Bank Independence on Inflation: Evidence Based on a Narrative Approach”
Siyang Xu, “Does Exchange Market React to Central Bank Governor Replacements: Evidence from a New Dataset Using Narrative Approach”


Anne Burton, “The Side Effects of Medical Marijuana: The Impact of Legalization on Marijuana and Alcohol Consumption”
Michael Doherty, “Financial and Racial Influences on Coaching Change Decisions in NCAA Basketball”
Kelly Potvin, “Gazing at the Stars: A Look Inside ‘Star Power’ Within Demand for the NBA”
Amy Slipowitz, “The Effect of Democracy on Economic Growth”
Bradley Turner, “What Causes Ministers of Finance to Get Fired?”
Kathleen Davis, “The Effectiveness of Capital Controls on Capital Inflows in Emerging Markets”


Aaron P. Kaye, “Legislative Compensation and Fiscal Performance in State Governments”
C.S. Lyoe Lee, “The Flypaper and Teflon Effects: Evidence from China”
Benjamin G. Ogden, “Keeping Nuclear Programs From Becoming Nuclear Weapons: A Game Theoretic and Econometric Analysis”
Anna Simeonova, “The Impact of European Union Accession on Foreign Direct Investment”

Past Senior Honors Theses