I am an associate professor of English at Sacred Heart University, co-director of the University’s Writing Across the Curriculum/Professions program, and incoming chair of the Department of Language and Literature.

After graduating Colby in 2001, with a double major in English and Spanish, I pursued a PHD in American literature at Fordham University.  Completing my doctorate in 2010, I went on to earn a position at Sacred Heart and received tenure this past year.  The stellar liberal arts education from Colby enabled me to thrive in a graduate program and then to succeed in academia.

I had exceptional mentors at Colby (Cedric Bryant, David Suchoff, and others) who empowered me in countless ways.  My mission as a professor has been to pass on this spirit of collegiality and professionalism to peers and students.  From Jewish Literature to African American narratives, my courses at Colby inspired in me a true passion for language, storytelling, and the humanities.  I am forever grateful.