Critical Dates for the Honors Thesis:

March or April of your Junior year

  • English and Creative Writing professors hold an informational meeting on campus with students. This information will be emailed to Juniors who are studying abroad. Students who are doing a scholarly thesis usually enroll in the fall Honors Project and students doing a creative writing project usually enroll in the spring Honors Project.
  • An interested student’s first step should be to contact a professor to discuss their ideas.

By May 5th:

  • Students will have secured an Honors Advisor and have submitted a proposal to their Honors Advisor and to the department chair and be enrolled in the Honors Project. Students who want to do a creative writing honors project, will do this process before registration for spring courses in November.
  • After spring grades are finalized, students will be responsible for contacting the Registrar’s office to request that their overall GPA and GPA in the major be submitted (signed note or email) to their Honors Advisor to confirm that they are eligible to proceed with their thesis project.
  • Eligibility requirements web page link

All Summer

  • Students do a majority of their research.

Beginning in September

  • Students meet with their Honors Advisor on a regular basis to write their thesis.
  • Students will select a Second Reader, who will either help throughout the process or just read the final draft and make comments for final edits.

December due date (for students taking EN484 for 4 credits):

  • The finished draft is due on or before the last day of fall classes.

January due date (for students taking EN483 for 2 credits in the fall and EN484 for 2 credits during January):

  • A working draft is due on or before the last day of classes in December and the finished draft is due on or before the last day of classes in January.

May due date for Creative Writing projects  – students taking: EN484 spring semester for 4 credits.

  • The finished draft is due on or before the last day of spring semester classes.
  • Plan to submit a draft to your second reader approximately two weeks before the end of the semester to allow time to make final edits.