1.  Attend the informational meeting hosted by the department in the spring of your junior year.

2.  Contact a professor to serve as your Honors Advisor.

3.  Create and submit a proposal for approval by May 5;  Once it is approved, you will be enrolled in EN 483f.

4.  Confirm your GPA status to meet the requirements.

5.  Start your research in the summer.

6.  In the fall, meet with your Honors Advisor on a regular schedule as you write your thesis.

7.  Contact another professor to be your Second Reader.

8.  Complete a working draft 2 weeks prior to the due date in order to submit your draft to your Second Reader.

9.  Make final revisions.

10.  Send your thesis as an attachment to the department secretary (for archival purposes) and print 3 copies: one each for your Honors Advisor, Second Reader, and the department secretary.  Place your thesis on Digital Commons (Colby Library).