Launched in April 2013 by Colby College researchers on SSI’s “Modeling Resilience and Adaptation in the Belgrade Lakes Watershed” project, “Goldie”, a water quality monitoring buoy deployed in Great Pond, recently began streaming live data to provide up-to-the-minute lake conditions to the team’s website. The web graphics provide an abundance of information on current lake conditions on Great Pond including Secchi depth and real-time temperature, wind and oxygen levels. The deployment of the buoy gives Great Pond a unique opportunity to become a member of ‘GLEON’, the Global Lakes Ecological Observatory Network. This network of lake scientists, computer scientists, and lake buoys work together to address local issues for individual lake ecosystems, but also documents changes in lake ecosystems that occur in response to different land use, latitudes, and climate across the globe. The potential for this data to support a greater understanding of Maine’s lakes is invaluable.

Source: the Mitchell Center and SSI