WWF_021World Wildlife Fund, D.C.

This past JanPlan I pursued an internship on climate-resilience with the Policy and Government Department at World Wildlife Fund (WWF-US). My role was to conduct research on how a sample of 52 agencies and 30 WWF-Offices define and operationalize resilience. I looked through agency web pages, publications, and literature that specifically uses the word, “resilience,” and I developed a resilience database where I logged my research findings. The resilience database was accompanied by a reference guide in which I summarized my findings, highlighted key case studies, and provided a few recommendations for WWF-US’ resilience framework. Ultimately, my research findings will help WWF-US determine its unique role in the climate resilience space and help develop a resilience framework for WWF-US projects. During my I had initially underestimated the amount of work I had to do and I found it challenging to be entirely responsible for a task that would end up influencing the organization’s view of resilience. I had to perform to the best of my ability, frequently report back on my research, and I had to develop confidence in the work I was doing. My internship offered me a rewarding learning opportunity to gather knowledge on the topic of climate-resilience. I was challenged to grow as an individual and it was fulfilling to play a part in the climate-resilience discourse. In a way, my sense of purpose was refueled and I feel more confident that I am working towards an influential career path regardless of how small my role is in the bigger picture. The atmosphere at WWF was so warm, lighthearted, and at the same time busy. They have brilliant facilities, from the lounges to the gym and the reliable coffee machines! It was so easy to socialize with other WWF employees and I am very grateful to the Colby Environmental Studies Department for this invaluable experience.