Back row: Karena McKinney, Gail Carlson, Whitney King, Denise Bruesewitz, Philip Nyhus, Daniel Abrahams
Front row: Leslie Lima, Abby Pearson, Loren McClenachan, Justin Becknell, Manny Gimond
Not Pictured: Assistant Professor Stacy-ann Robinson, Program Coordinator Lindsey Cotter-Hayes & Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities Christopher Walker.


Environmental Studies Faculty and Staff

Director, Associate Professor Denise Bruesewitz
Professor Philip Nyhus, Associate Professors Denise Bruesewitz, Loren McClenachan, and Karena McKinney (Chemistry); Assistant Professors Alison Bates, Justin Becknell, Gail Carlson, Benjamin Neal, and Stacy-ann Robinson; Visiting Assistant Professors Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie and Leeann Sullivan; Laboratory Instructor II Abby Pearson; Research Scientist Manuel Gimond;  Program Coordinator Lindsey Cotter-Hayes; Administrative Assistant Leslie Lima; Adjunct faculty member Ole Amundsen

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Professors Catherine Bevier (Biology), Michael Burke (English/Creative Writing), Michael Donihue (Economics), Jim Fleming (STS), Mary Ellis Gibson (English), Paul Josephson (History), Bruce Maxwell (Computer Science), Mary Beth Mills (Anthropology), Tanya Sheehan (Art), and Judy Stone (Biology); Associate Professors Keith Peterson (Philosophy) and Hong Zhang (East Asian Studies); Assistant Professors Greg Drozd (Chemistry), Bess Koffman (Geology), Benjamin D. Lisle (American Studies), Jennifer Meredith (Economics), Chris Moore (Biology), Aleja Ortiz (Geology) and Christopher Walker (English); Visiting Assistant Professor Bruce Rueger (Geology); Faculty Fellow Erik Reardon (History); Postdoctoral Fellow Lijing Jiang (STS); Curator of Academic Programs Shalini Le Gall (Museum of Art); Senior Lab Instructor in Biology Sarah Gibbs Staffiere (Biology); Research Associate in Environmental Studies Daniel Abrahams


Sabbatical Schedule