Environmental Studies Faculty and Staff

Chair, Associate Professor Denise Bruesewitz
Professor Philip Nyhus, Associate Professors Denise Bruesewitz, and Karena McKinney (Chemistry); Assistant Professors Alison Bates, Justin Becknell, Gail Carlson, and Stacy-ann Robinson; Visiting Assistant Professors Meg Boyle and Torrance Hanley; Laboratory Instructor II Abby Pearson; Research Scientist Manuel Gimond;  Program Coordinator Lindsey Cotter-Hayes; Administrative Assistant Leslie Lima; Adjunct faculty member Ole Amundsen

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Professors Catherine Bevier (Biology), Michael Burke (English/Creative Writing), Michael Donihue (Economics), Jim Fleming (STS), Mary Ellis Gibson (English), Paul Josephson (History), Bruce Maxwell (Computer Science), Mary Beth Mills (Anthropology), Tanya Sheehan (Art), and Judy Stone (Biology); Associate Professors Keith Peterson (Philosophy), Matthew Schneider-Mayerson (English) and Hong Zhang (East Asian Studies); Assistant Professors Greg Drozd (Chemistry), Bess Koffman (Geology), Benjamin D. Lisle (American Studies), Jennifer Meredith (Economics), Chris Moore (Biology), Aleja Ortiz (Geology) and Christopher Walker (English); Visiting Assistant Professor Bruce Rueger (Geology); Faculty Fellow Erik Reardon (History); Curator of Academic Programs Shalini Le Gall (Museum of Art); Senior Lab Instructor Sarah Gibbs Staffiere (Biology)


Sabbatical Schedule