Thursday, November 8, 2018,
Robinson Room, Miller Library

What do companion animals and money have to do with each other? Why were lapdogs and coins special objects in 18th-century narratives? What do dogs and coins tell us about love, about human affect, and even about what counts as human? Laura Brown, Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar, is the John Wendell Anderson Professor of English, Cornell University, and author of Homeless Dogs and Melancholy Apes: Humans and Other Animals in the Modern Literary Imagination. Her work examines the histories of modernity, from the creation of the stock market to urban sanitation, from the human engagement with non-human animals to the simultaneous creation of species and racial differences. Cosponsored by Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Chapter of Maine; Department of English, Environmental Science Program; Department of Religious Studies; and the Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Contact: Johanna Clift,, 207-859-5251

Public event