Tuesday, March 8, 2016,
Ostrove Auditorium, Diamond Building

Taté Walker’s Women’s History Month address is titled “The Role of Women in Native American Societies from 1492 to Today.” Walker is a Lakota feminist activist, blogger, filmmaker, photographer, and social services professional who promotes cultural competency and inclusion for professionals in the workplace. Her experience includes more than 10 years as a newspaper reporter and freelance journalist, juvenile justice worker, teacher, and civil rights and family advocate. This, combined with her personal, professional and academic research in the areas of Native American identity and stereotypes, poverty, health, and sexuality, make her a dynamic and powerful speaker. Cosponsored by the Feminist Alliance, Four Winds, the Bridge, the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program, the Dean of Students Office, PCB, SGA, the Education Department, the History Department, and the Pugh Center.

Contact: Beth Christopher, beth.christopher@colby.edu, 207-859-4252

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