Monday, February 11, 2019,
Room 100, Lovejoy Building

A lecture in the “Presence of the Past Series” with Jennifer Yoder, jointly appointed in the Government Department and the Global Studies Program. When Angela Merkel assumed the German chancellorship in 2005, there was little indication that she would emerge as a leader adept at memory politics. The unassuming physicist was a relative newcomer to politics. Yoder will explore how and why Chancellor Merkel has invoked the German past, particularly when addressing Germany’s role in Europe and the world. Yoder will suggest that Merkel has drawn upon several pasts – from different points in time and from different configurations of Germany – to present an integrated collective memory for a unified Germany. Sponsored by the Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Contact: Megan Fossa,, 207-859-4165

Public event