Wednesday, March 21, 2018,
Diamond / 142 OSTROVE

Seating open at 6:30PM

Overflow space is available in Diamond 122

Kim Stanley Robinson, the 2018 Mellon Distinguished Fellow in Environmental Humanities, is one of the most well-known and respected science fiction writers in the world. His work has received 11 major awards and has been translated into 23 languages. His Mars trilogy was an international bestseller, a benchmark in discussions of humanity in space. The intensively researched nature of Robinson’s fiction and the integrated nature of his various interests lend a realism described as “for the future and from the future.” His most recent work, New York 2140, envisions life in New York City after sea levels have risen 50 feet. Robinson will speak about themes he explores in his work, which often center on the opportunities he sees in future challenges for humanity to build more sustainable and just societies.

Public event