Thursday, February 27, 2020,
Diamond / 242 Seminar Room

Contested Environments: Locating the Natural World in History

Presenters from the Department of History:
Danae Jacobson: Nuns, Miners, and Beggars in the U.S. West
Jesse Meredith: British Architecture, Developmentalism, and the End of Empire
Erik Reardon: Farming and Fishing in Colonial and early-19th century New England
Viktor Shmagin: Empire and Diplomacy in 18th and 19th Century Japan-Russia Relations

Brief Description:
In this panel four professors from the Department of History will discuss how environmental history informs their research. They will each briefly present on their diverse work, probing such questions as: Who gets to decide how space and environment are used, changed, defined, and consumed? In what ways has the environment been a historical actor, shaping political institutions, empires, and ideologies? How has humanity altered, manipulated, or shaped the natural world? A discussion with the audience will follow their presentations.

Open to the Colby community only