Who May Schedule an Event

  • Academic or administrative departments
  • Funded clubs
  • Students must be affiliated with/sponsored by a College club or organization. Student clubs/organizations must designate a scheduler at the beginning of each academic year.
Spaces are booked on a first-come/first-served basis. Events scheduled with less than two weeks advanced notice are not guaranteed space or publicity on the Colby calendar. Some facilities such as Cotter Union and Roberts may be unavailable during College-wide events such as Commencement and Board of Trustees meetings. 

How to Schedule an Event

Events can be scheduled via the following methods:
  • Filling out the appropriate online form (click here)
  • Emailing [email protected]
  • Calling x4735
  • Visiting our office on the first floor of Eustis (Eustis 112)
Note: Faculty may schedule rooms via their department administrative assistants.

Please be sure to have the following information available:

  • Date
  • Start time/ end time
  • Preferred location and alternative locations if unavailable
  • Set-up needs (ITS events services, Facilities work orders, etc)
  • Sponsoring department/organization
  • Visibility on Colby web calendar (events can be public, Colby-only, or private)
  • Expected attendance

Work orders

All event-related work orders (catering, ITS events services, security, and facilities) should be entered at the time of request. Event requests without work orders cannot be confirmed until all information has been received.
Catering needs must be done directly through Dining Services. ITS Events Services (projector, laptop, cables, microphones, etc), Facilities (skirting/draping, tables, chairs, podium, etc), and Security requests can be submitted through the Campus Events Office. If ITS Events Services are needed outside of their normal hours, please have an account number ready for billing.
  • All event work orders must go through the EMS system and should not be sent directly to the service departments, with the exception of catering.
  • Work orders for the coming 10-day period are sent automatically each day to the service departments from the EMS system.
  • A minimum of 72 hours is required for processing and delivering work orders to the appropriate service department(s). Event requests without work orders or publicity information cannot be confirmed or publicized until all information is complete.
  • Event orders entered into the system on Friday are received by the service departments the following Monday.

Event/Building Priority

Monday through Friday during the school year, priority is given to regularly scheduled academic classes.

      NOTE: The Registrar’s Office downloads the academic schedule into the EMS system one or more weeks prior to the start of a new semester. Non-academic events may be scheduled beforehand, with the understanding that the location may need to change depending on the academic schedule.

Certain buildings have special procedures and event priorities. Please check with our office if you have any questions.

Seminar Rooms

A reservation in a seminar room must first be confirmed by the head of the department that room is assigned to. You can find a full list of the available seminar rooms below.

Diamond 123 – Education/Goldfarb Center (20)
Diamond 221 – Sociology (20)
Diamond 223 – Environmental Studies (20)
Diamond 241 – Government (20)
Diamond 242 – Science, Technology and Society (17)
Diamond 243 – African-American Studies (20)
Diamond 323 – Anthropology (20)
Diamond 341 – Economics (20)
Diamond 342 – Unassigned (17)
Diamond 343 – Global Studies (20)
Diamond 344 – Unassigned (17)


Other Venues

Click here for a list of the various venues we offer as well as the policies that accompany each venue.