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Cotter Union

Pulver Pavalion building

Student events have priority in Cotter Union on Friday and Saturday evenings; however, at certain times of the year, College events may take precedence.

To book events in Cotter please use the Simple Request Form.







 The Mary Low Coffeehouse
Mary Low


Events in the Mary Low Coffeehouse can be booked using the Simple Request Form.  Students will need to visit Campus Life to obtain an event form before booking an event here.



 Dining Halls

Dana building

Dana Dining Hall

The private dining rooms in Foss, Roberts, and Dana are booked using the Simple Request Form.

The main dining rooms are booked by special permission from the dining hall manager and after completion of the Policy for Dining Hall Use.

 Residence Hall Lounges

Anthony Mitchell Schupf (AMS) Residence Hall

Anthony Mitchell Schupf (AMS) Residence Hall

To book events in dormitory lounges please use the Simple Request Form.


The Museum of Art

Museum of Art

If you’d like to book an event at the Museum, please contact the museum at [email protected].



Music Practice Spaces

playing the violin

To reserve the music practice rooms, please use the Simple Request Form.  Approval from the Music Department is necessary before confirming a reservation.




students in Runnals theater

Non-department of theater and dance events must have prior permission from Performance, Theater and Dance before submitting a request to our office.


Seminar Spaces

Seminar spaces may be reserved by contacting department secretaries or by completing the Simple Request Form.


Lorimer Chapel

Lorimer Chapel


Events at the chapel may be booked by using the Simple Request Form.




Lovejoy Faculty Lounge

lovejoy building

Rules governing the use of Lovejoy Faculty Lounge are established by the Lovejoy Faculty Lounge Committee. The lounge may be reserved for faculty or academic events after 5 p.m., and the existing set-up must be used.

To book the Lovejoy Faculty lounge, please contact our office at [email protected].




Outdoor Spaces

Playing fields and outdoor spaces

Playing fields, the band shell, all lawn spaces, and other outdoor spaces for varsity sports events, athletic club sports, and I-play are not booked through the web request system, but are available to be scheduled by contacting Athletics at x4924.

To book other athletic or non-athletic events please use the Simple Request Form.



Alfond Stadium

The Alfond Stadium

Scheduling of the Alfond Stadium will be through Lissa King at [email protected], or x4735. Before scheduling an event here please take the time to read through the Alfond Stadium Policies and Guidelines. Once this has been completed fill out the Athletic Event Request Form.

Off-campus groups requesting use of the stadium should have a certificate of insurance and be prepared to sign a contract once dates have been agreed upon by both parties.



Off-Campus Space

The Hume Center

Contact Cora Clukey ([email protected], x4733), for more information.