Grills/ Bonfires:


All grills must be rented.

Locations for grill use must first be approved by Security.

The factors they consider when approving grill locations are:

  • Distance from other buildings
  • Access to hoses/fire extinguishers
  • Availability of trained personnel who can use hoses/fire extinguishers properly.

Areas such as the lawn near Johnson have heavy tree cover that pose potential fire hazards, so some locations are more limited. Since the grills can leave burn spots, it is preferred that groups use the area behind Roberts to keep our campus in good condition. If Security approves another area, assistance from the group may be requested to help restore the area the next day.



Students may register tailgate parties one week in advance for Saturday home athletic events. All Tailgate party participants are asked to abide by the following rules:

  • Tailgating is allowed in the designated area only.
  • Tailgating can start one hour before game time.
  • Kegs and common containers are not allowed.
  • Beer must be in cans.
  • Alcohol is not allowed out of the tailgate area.
  • Tailgate parties must end at the start of the game.
  • Tailgate parties may resume at half time, but must end at the start of the second half.
  • Tailgating is not allowed after the game.

Thank you for abiding by these rules, Colby’s Alcohol Policy and Maine State Law. Enjoy the game.