Colby College Financial Services


The Office of Financial Services at Colby College is located on the first floor of the Garrison-Foster building.  Our department strives to provide the best customer service available to meet the needs of the students, parents, faculty, staff and visitors to the College.

Office of Financial Services Quick Links


  • Accounts Payable
    • The Accounts Payable Office handles non-payroll payment disbursements for the Colby community.  Types of disbursements include reimbursements to faculty, staff, students, honorarium for guest speakers, and invoice payments to outside suppliers. Depending on the type of payment and amount, payments are processed by check, wire or ACH Direct Deposit.
  • ColbyCard
    • Any problems or questions regarding your ColbyCard should be directed to (207) 859-4130 or you can stop by the card office on the lower level of the Garrison-Foster building at the Office of Financial Services.
  • Purchasing
    • Purchasing at Colby is regulated by the individual department budget.  The Purchasing Office is available to guide you in finding the best possible price for the College as well as receiving the quality service Colby depends on.
  • Payments and Reimbursements
    • Payments and Reimbursements contain information and policies regarding payments to independent contractors, employee recognition, faculty, staff, employee spouse reimbursements, or payments to outside vendors, guest speakers, and service providers.
  • Student Financial Services
    • Student Financial Services assists with the financial needs of enrolled students. Payment of charges on the College student bill, financial aid, and related matters are key functions of this department. The Student Financial Services Office is located on the first floor of the Garrison-Foster building. If you have any questions regarding student financial matters, please feel free to call us at 1-800-723-4033, email [email protected] or stop by the office.
  • Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policies
    • The purpose of the Colby College Travel Reimbursement and Other Expense Policies is to provide faculty and staff with specific guidelines covering College travel, entertainment and other business expenses as well as the documentation required to substantiate requests for reimbursement of those expenses.