All Check, ACH, and Wire payments to Suppliers, Faculty and Staff are processed through Workday Requests.

Workday Training:

For other questions regarding how to process requests for Students or Visitors, please reach out to [email protected].


ACH/EFT Payments (direct deposit)

  • Direct Deposits are processed on Monday’s and Wednesday’s (see Holiday Schedule).
  • Faculty and Staff can update their direct deposit through Workday.
  • Suppliers can complete the Direct Deposit form and send to Accounts Payable.

Enrollment form for ACH Direct Deposit

***Note – ACH Direct Deposit is different than Payroll Direct Deposit***

Check Payments

  • Checks can be sent to a supplier who does not accept Credit Card or ACH payments.
  • Checks are printed once a week on Thursday.
  • During peak processing periods, it can take as long as two weeks to process a payment, so please plan your events well in advance.


Payment for Contracted Service Providers

The College is required to properly classify individuals that provide services as independent contractors or employees in accordance with Internal Revenue Service and Maine Department of Labor regulations. To assist in this determination, please read the Colby Contracting Workflow, which provides guidance on completing the appropriate documentation. See links to various required Colby forms below:


Independent Contractor Questionnaire

The Independent Contractor Questionnaire form is required and needs to be completed and submitted along with the Colby Independent Contractor Form.

If you have questions about the checklist or questionnaire please contact Will Saxe x4632.


Adobe PDF (Form Fill-in Documents)

Independent Contractor Memorandum Agreement – Under $5000

Independent Contractor Memorandum Agreement – $5000 and Up

Independent Contractor Memorandum Agreement (Work Made for Hire version) – Under $5000

Independent Contractor Memorandum Agreement (Work Made for Hire version) – $5000 and Up

Please note that a one-time payment under $600 no longer requires the contractor to sign the contract itself. However, that does not negate the need for the contractor to complete the IRS W9 (for US citizens) and the IRS W-8BEN (for non-US citizens) forms. The request for payment for a one-time payment can be initiated with an invoice from the contractor or the requester can also complete the contract, as it provides required information, without obtaining the contractor’s signature.

Student Prizes

At the end of each academic year, departments honor the outstanding achievement of our students through Endowed and Departmental Prizes. These prizes are processed manually by Accounts Payable as an ACH direct deposit to the student’s bank account on file. All forms should be submitted to [email protected] prior to the award presentation, and Accounts payable will work directly with the student to initiate payment after the awards are presented.

Endowed Prize Forms will be sent by Financial Services to the appropriate departments in Early Spring.

Departmental prizes not tied to specific endowed funds can be requested by filling out the Departmental Prize Form and emailing it to [email protected]. These prizes are typically capped at $200, paid as direct deposit to the student and may be subject to tax withholding based on residency.


Employee Recognition Award Policy

On occasion, departments may issue gift cards to employees in recognition of special events. The value of any gift an employee receives above $25 must be reported on an employee’s W-2. The Recognition Award Form will need to be completed in full and approved before a gift card can be issued. The completed form must accompany any request for reimbursement to Accounts Payable and be submitted to Payroll (if gift is >$25).

Employee Spouse Reimbursement Information

Expenses incurred for any accompanying spouse are generally considered personal in nature except on those occasions when the attendance of a spouse at an event furthers the business interests of the College. In these cases, the travel is to be authorized, in advance by completing the Spouse reimbursement form and approved by the President or the appropriate Vice President prior to the travel date.

Current IRS regulations require that amounts paid by an employer for spousal travel expenses be included in the employee’s taxable income and reported on Form W-2 unless the spouse’s presence on the trip serves a bona fide business purpose. Departments should consult with the Office of Financial Services prior to making commitments to reimburse for spousal travel as the reimbursement may be taxable to the employee. Expenses incurred for other individuals or dependents (such as children) that accompany a traveler will be included on the employees Form W-2.