Our impact as a College and as a major purchaser of goods and services, Colby gives preference to environmentally friendly products, whose quality, function and cost are equal or superior to more traditional products.  By purchasing recycled products, we hope to help:

  • conserve natural resources
  • minimize pollution
  • eliminate or reduce environmental health hazards to workers and our community
  • support a strong recycling program
  • reduce materials going to landfills
  • support locally produced goods and services
  • educate ourselves at Colby, our vendors and the community

The College prefers that departments purchase recycled items, as well as Energy Star certified products.


Paper at Colby

The College purchases only 100% post consumer content paper.   Boise ASPEN 100 is FSC certified and 100% FDL (Fiber Diverter from Landfills).

Paper deliveries are centralized through the Eustis Service Center.  To receive paper for your department, please submit a work order through the PPD work order system.

For other Colby “Green” practices, please visit the Colby’s Environmental Advisory Group website.