Purchase Order: Is a contract promising payment to a vendor from Colby College (This is NOT actual payment).

  • White copy is given to vendor.
  • You must obtain a receipt or invoice from the vendor at the time the purchase is made.  Within 2 days you MUST give the RECEIPT or invoice to the SGA treasurer or Shannon Hogdon in Campus Life then the PO is sent to the Assistant Director of Administrative Financial Services for submission and payment.
  • The purchase order will have an expiration date.
  • Wal-Mart does NOT accept purchase orders Kmart does.
  • Shaw’s accepts PO’s, Hannaford does NOT accept them.
  • Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and alcohol are prohibited.


Paying out of pocket: Paying cash out of your own pocket and then receiving reimbursement from Colby.

  • We highly recommend not paying any more than $75.00 out of your own pocket.  Any amount greater than $75.00 and you will receive a check rather than cash back.
  • If you lose the receipt or invoice we will be unable to reimburse you.
  • DO NOT pay out of pocket for any contract services due to tax purposes. (Speakers, performers, etc.).


Contract Services – Any person or group that you hire to come to the college to perform a service (speakers, performers, etc)

  • You MUST have the person you are hiring fill out a Colby Contract and tax form– even though you may also have to sign a contract from them.  The form can be downloaded or  you can  pick one up at the Office of Financial Services – Accounts Payable.

Independant Contract $4999 and under

Independant Contract $5000 and above

  • Checks are processed on Thursday’s.  Paperwork for payments must be received by Accounts Payable no later than Tuesday afternoon.  If paperwork is received after Tuesday afternoon, a check will not be cut until the following Thursday.


Car Rentals

Students who need to rent a car for Club purposes must go through the Office of Campus Life. The reservation will be made by them and placed on their visa procurement card. There are available reservation forms located in the Campus Life office.


On-Line Ordering

When Ordering on-line (t-shirts, equipment, etc…) ALL Orders must go through the Office of Campus Life.  They will decide whether to use a Purchase order or the department purchasing credit card.