Tax Exemption

Colby College is exempt from paying sales tax on tangible personal property or taxable services in the State of Maine. If you are placing an order to be delivered to the campus, download the Maine Exemption Certificate and submit to the vendor when the order is placed.

The Office of Administrative Financial Services maintains the Permanent Exemption Certificates for Colby.  Certificates should be presented at the time of purchase and should only be used for College related purchases.

Other Tax Exemption Certificates: (If you are traveling to any of the following states, please contact AFS for a copy of the certificate and you will be exempt from paying sales tax).


When receiving tax exemption in the state of Connecticut, it must be approved by the Department of Revenue in advance. Please fill out this form and fax to: 1-860-297-4929.

Colorado -Use the Maine Tax exempt form along with the Colorado FYI



New York

Massachusetts ST-2

Massachusetts ST-5

Pennsylvania page 1

Pennsylvania page 2

Rhode Island

If you have any question, please contact the Office of Administrative Financial Services.

Megan Foisy, Director of Financial Services Operations 207.859.4139
Dawn Genest, Assistant Director of Financial Services Operations 207.859.4126
Jessie Parsons, Accounts Payable Coordinator 207.859.4128