Introduction to the “ColbyCard” as Campus Cash

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Your ColbyCard ID also works as your personal campus debit card once you add money to your secure card account for spending wherever the card is accepted on campus. Cardholders also have access to our ONLINE CARD OFFICE portal where they have the ability to deactivate their lost or misplaced card and reactivate if temporarily misplaced.  In addition, all cardholders can easily retrieve their card balance or a card transaction statement for the past 12 months and view their board plan or Guest meal balance on the smartphone app or portal.

There are several ways to add cash to your ColbyCard account:

  • On-Campus – Visit one of our 2 Cash Management Centers
  • Online– Anyone may add cash to a student’s ColbyCard account with a debit or MasterCard & Visa credit card.  Parents must use the “Guest/Parent” option.
  • Smartphone APP (for students only) – Free iPhone & Android apps are available.  Search for “eAccounts” on your app store
  • By Check –   You may drop off a check to the Financial Services cashier and we’ll apply those funds to your card account
  • Student Account Transfer – If you have a credit on your student account you may request that all or a portion of those funds be transferred to your ColbyCard account without waiting for a check reimbursement to be processed

For your protection, no cash advances will be issued from your account. You may request a reimbursement of the balance of your card account prior to withdrawing from school or a week prior to commencement.


Cash Management Center Locations

You can add cash to your ColbyCard account at any of our on-campus Cash Management Centers listed below.

  • Miller Library  (Next to Circulation Desk)
  • Cotter Union (Next to student mailboxes)

Visitor Cards may be purchased for $1 and money can be added to the cards account at the locations listed above.


eAccounts Mobile Transaction (For students only):

Tap below on your phone to download the app!



*NOTE: Only students can use this app, parents/guests must use the Guest Deposit method found in Online Deposits below*

To use eAccounts, download the app, sign into eAccounts using your Colby email without “” and select Colby College as your school. To add money, you must first make an online deposit and check the “Save Payment Method” box. Create an alias for the method and set it as your default. This will allow you to save your card information without having to enter it each time you would like to make a deposit.

Once your payment method is saved, the app should let you add money with just a few taps!

Online Deposits

Click here now to make a deposit!

NOTE:  First-year student card accounts will be available to accept deposits mid-August.

Faculty, Staff, and Students may view balance and transfer money to the ColbyCard after signing in with your Colby username and password.  Funds can be added with a debit or MasterCard / Visa credit card.

Parents and family members who would like to transfer money to a student’s ColbyCard account must use the Guest / Parent Deposit link below the sign in window (see image below for example) and may use a debit or MasterCard / Visa credit card.  You will first need to know the * Student ID, * First and * Last Name * exactly as it appears in the ColbyCard system.  You may contact the cardholder if you do not know one of the 3 required data fields.

  • DEPOSIT FUNDS NOW  (click on this button once, twice will duplicate)
  • Each deposit transaction is limited to a maximum of $1,000
  • ColbyCard Funds may not be used for payment of the Comprehensive Fee (tuition and room & board) or other program fees.

Once the correct information has been entered (in lower case) it will allow you to make a deposit to the cardholder’s ColbyCard account using a valid debit or MasterCard/Visa credit card.  Once the deposit is submitted the funds will be immediately available to the student.


Check or Student Account Funds Transfer Deposits

Financial Services Office will be happy to deposit your check or transfer funds from your student account to your ColbyCard account.  If you would like to do this you may drop off your check and we’ll make the deposit for you.  Your written authorization is required for a credit balance transfer from the student account to your ColbyCard account.   Emailing your authorization is acceptable (Click Here).