It is important to keep your card with you at all times and protect your card from damage as much as possible.  In the event that your card is lost or damaged, please contact the card office ASAP or from your computer and go to our ONLINE CARD OFFICE and freeze your cash account to suspend your ColbyCard so it may no longer be used to access your account (you can freeze your card via the smartphone app as well).  If you find your card return to the online card office or computer, smartphone to re-activate your ColbyCard.   Please note that your ColbyCard account will not expire at the end of the academic year and you should keep your card in a safe place while you are away from campus.  You will need your card when you return.

  • Email or call the Card Office or use your smartphone to report lost card & order a replacement.   Click here to ORDER CARD.
  • Lost or Damaged card fee  $20
  • Cards replaced at no charge if they fail for no apparent reason or if your card is excessively worn
  • In most cases, cards ordered M-F by 11 AM will be ready at Noon, and orders placed after 11 AM will be ready by 4 PM. (Special efforts to assist during the COVID period)

It is possible to obtain a Temporary Card that will allow you limited residence hall access and access to the dining halls.  These cards will only be valid for 72 hours.  If the temporary card is returned, you will be refunded your $10 deposit.  Temporary cards are available from the ColbyCard office (M-F 8:30-4:30) or the Security Office (24/7).

iPhone & Android Apps for ColbyCard

Transact created the “eAccounts” mobile app for iPhone & Android smartphones allowing users to monitor accounts on the go! You can check your balance, make a deposit, and mark your card lost/found at lightning speed.

Search for “eAccounts” to download the free Transact app today!

If you have any questions, email [email protected]