ColbyCard Use Agreement


In exchange for the right to use the ColbyCard (the Card) on the Colby College campus, I agree to the following terms and conditions of use:


  1. The Card, which I am issued, is for my personal use only. I will not permit anyone else to use my card at any time.


  1. It is my responsibility to log into my ColbyCard Account and freeze my card account if my card is lost or knowingly misplaced. By doing so, it will preclude unauthorized spending from my card account.  If I lose or damage my card, I will be issued another only after the payment of a $20 fee.  Any defective and worn cards will be replaced at no charge (you will need to exchange your current card for replacement).


  1. Upon graduation (during Senior Week I may request a refund of my card’s balance), I may request a refund of any unused funds remaining in my ColbyCard account (simply email [email protected] stating your request for a check refund with your current address). If I fail to do so, the funds will become the property of the State of Maine, if not used within 5 years.  The College will assess an administrative fee, up to the amount remaining on the card but not to exceed $15, for transferring these funds to the State of Maine.


  1. This agreement will be construed under and governed by Maine law, regardless of the location where it is signed.