Where is the ColbyCard Office?

The ColbyCard Office is located in Lovejoy room 118.

Office Hours:  8:30 – 4:30 PM  Monday – Friday

Email:  colbycard@colby.edu

I’m a “First Year” student, when will I get my ID?

“First Years” may submit their photo over the summer or have a photo taken during First-Year Orientation.  (To save time we prefer that you send in your photo prior to orientation, Click Here)  Your ID will either be handed to you in your orientation packet or placed in your mailbox ready for you when you return from your COOT trip if you didn’t get a chance to send us a photo during the summer.

I lost my card. What should I do?

You should immediately log on to the Online ColbyCard Office to deactivate your Colbycard using your computer or smartphone.  If you find your card you can re-activate your card funds from your smartphone as well.  Feel free to call ext. 4130 or email us for assistance anytime.  Just state your name and the card office staff will personally deactivate your card and create a new card if you would like a replacement.  If you would like 72 hours to try locating the lost card, please feel free to request a “Temporary Card” from either Security 24/7 or the ColbyCard Office during office hours.  The temp card will give you time to search for your lost card.  In the meantime, we urge you to deactivate your lost card to freeze your money in your card account, ASAP!  To order a lost card replacement click here.

My card works in the dining halls but won’t open my residence door?

Usually, when this occurs it is because the card is physically damaged or worn.  Look at your card thoroughly and if there are no tears, breaks, or bends it will be replaced at no charge.  If you see the damage, the replacement cost is $20.  The technology used to open doors is buried inside the card and needs to be protected from damage or extreme bending.

How can I see how much money I have in my card account?

There are 3 ways to retrieve your card’s balance.

  • Click on this link to view your card funds balance, board plan usage, and statements via the Online ColbyCard Office.
  • Visit 1 of 2 on-campus Card Management Center kiosks and follow the directions on how to obtain your card accounts balance.
  • Visit the Online ColbyCard Office to deactivate your ColbyCard.  The smartphone app “eAccounts” is another option to manage the card.

When I use a vending machine and swipe my card it reserves $2.50 credit.  What does this mean?

The credit reserve of $2.50 when you first swipe your card at a vending machine is the funds reserved to purchase the most expensive item available in this vending machine.  You will notice that if you select a product which is for a lesser amount it will allow you to purchase the item from the credit reserve and will only charge your ColbyCard account for this item which will release the balance of the credit reserve.  In a nutshell, you are only charged for the amount of the item you select.

When can I withdraw money from my ColbyCard Account?

Upon graduation, I may request a refund of any unused funds remaining in my ColbyCard account (simply email colbycard@colby.edu stating your request for a check refund with your current address).  If I fail to do so, the funds will become the property of the State of Maine, If not used within 5 years.  The College will assess an administrative fee, up to the amount remaining on the card but not to exceed $15, for transferring these funds to the State of Maine.

iPhone & Android APP for smartphones, Yes!

Blackboard Transact eAccounts has created a mobile application for both iPhones and Android smartphones allowing users to monitor accounts on the go! You can check your balance, make a deposit, and mark your card lost/found at lightning speed.

iPhone & Android users can search for “eAccounts” and download the free app today!  If you have any questions, email colbycard@colby.edu.