The Student Job Openings page for a listing of all currently advertised student jobs on campus. Note that not all available campus jobs may be advertised or listed on this page.  Occasionally, departments may post job opportunities directly on the Colby Now general announcements.  To see a listing of all active campus jobs, visit the Student Job Book page located in MyColby Student Employment.

On the Student Job Book page, you will notice that you can filter the listing of jobs by title, department, and/or level. (To find out what is meant by job level, see the Level Descriptions on the pay rates page).

Tips for a Successful Search

  • Start your search early and note this fall we will be off to a slow start because of social distancing, many departments are planning for student workspace and will hire slowly.  Some may actually hire students to work remotely while in their residence hall.  Many details are in process so be patient but make it a priority to seek help with us at Student Employment.
  • Make contact with the position’s contact person on the job listing. Many times they appreciate meeting you and may actually hire you on the spot.  This fall an exception may be that you can only email to request a meeting and you can suggest a virtual meeting.
  • Be prepared when making contact with potential employers such as have your resume updated with your schedule of availability.  This is critical since most offers for work are specific times available.
  • Download a copy of the Campus Employment Applicant Information Sheet, complete the quick information form if you haven’t got a resume to share yet.  This brief form will have your contact information.  Your most important attributes or skills you possess may be knowledge and genuine interest rather than actual past work experience.
  • Be creative and flexible… while at Colby you have the opportunity to be a part of the community contributing in projects which lead to gaining experience that will serve you well.  Try something different!

Good Luck in your job search!!

Kevin Adair, Student Employment