Direct Deposit

The college has adopted direct deposit as its standard method of paying wages, student pay will be in their bank account on Friday morning after the end of the pay period.  Since there in no place on campus to cash checks direct deposit is secure and convenient, please click here to set this up online through your myColby portal. You will need to know the routing/ABA numbers, account number, and type of account (savings or checking) of your financial institution before submitting your request. If you had direct deposit last year, we will assume that you wish to continue and will be using the same bank as you have in the past. If you wish to change your banking information, you may return to this same link to update your data, however, we ask that you watch your bank accounts online to be sure this change occurs. If you have questions about direct deposit, you must e-mail

Paycheck Summary

You can see your pay earnings for any pay period this school year, or “school year to date” earnings by using the links on the left or logging into your myColby portal. In your portal click on your “Student Employment” tab and you will be able to see the positions currently open as well as enter your hours. If you do not see your position listed on the resulting page, contact the Student Employment Office to be sure a ESPAF (Electronic Student Personnel Action Forms) has been entered into the database for you.

Payroll Deadlines

Payroll periods are two weeks long, beginning on a Sunday, and ending at midnight on a Saturday.

Time Entry

Students – If you are authorized to enter your own time, you may enter your hours as often as you like. Time entry is turned off at midnight on the Sunday following the end of a pay period. Whatever hours are on record at that time will go to your Supervisor for review/approval.

If you miss the deadline, you will have to fill out a paper time sheet, sign it and have it signed by your supervisor, and get it to the Payroll Office in Garrison-Foster by 1 pm on Tuesday. You can download a blank form below.


(this is only used if you have missed the web time entry deadline)