Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact the Payroll Office at [email protected]


The Payroll pages use the Colby Authentication system to “know who you are”. If you are using a public computer, you MUST close out the Browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome) when you are finished! Otherwise, the next user will have access to your payroll information.

Payroll Deadlines

Payroll periods are two weeks long, beginning on a Sunday, and ending at midnight on a Saturday. A listing of payroll period dates can be found at the “Pay Periods” link to the left.

After check processing has been completed, you may receive an e-mail notification of unapproved hours that must be reviewed, printed, signed, dated and returned to the Payroll Office. You will only receive this e-mail if you have not previously approved the hours submitted (or not entered the hours yourself).

If you, as a supervisor, enter hours for student workers, all-time entry must be completed by 10 am on the Tuesday following the end of a pay period. If your students enter their own hours, you must review and approve these hours by 10 am on the Tuesday following the close of a pay period as well.