This page is a listing for current Student Campus Jobs during the academic year. You do not have to be work-study eligible to apply. Please contact the individual department for more information and to apply for the position.

If you have specific questions about student employment or federal work-study, please contact William Pottle (207-859-4130,

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PCSS - Adv. Consultant

Date Posted: 10/24/2018
Personal Computer Student Service advanced consultant participate in diagnosis, repair and deliver campus PC computer equipment on campus as needed. Contact Michael Miner for more details. Do not pass up give Mike a call to chat about his needs... you are likely qualified!
Contact: Michael Miner - 859-4225
Department: ITS

Tutor - Dean of Studies

Date Posted: 08/23/2018
Student tutors other students who are having difficulty in the subject field. Experience and proficiency in the subject field, dedication and the ability to work with instructors and other students. Recommendation of the department is necessary. ContactMargaret DuPerry
Contact: Maragret DuPerry - 859-4250
Department: Dean of Studies Office

Basketball-Women - Game Worker

Date Posted: 06/26/2018
Duties involve working at various athletic events and performing tasks such as retrieving balls, moving nets, announcing, keeping statistics, working the clock.
Contact: Ewan Seabrook 859-4978
Department: Athletics

Basketball-Men - Game Worker

Date Posted: 06/26/2018
Men"s Basketball game workers needed. If you are interested, please contact Coach Seabrook at or 859-4978
Contact: Ewan Seabrook 859-4978
Department: Athletics

Alpine Ski - Clerk

Date Posted: 07/13/2017
Duties - Student works in one of the athletic offices performing clerical work. Tasks include typing recruiting letters, rosters and mailing labels. Computer use and other duties and errands as assigned. Qualifications - Reliability, proficiency in typg, computer use and organizational skills.
Contact: Ewan Seabrook 859-4978
Department: Athletics
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