Aileen Evans ’12

Aileen is a French Studies and Human Development double major from San Francisco, CA. After spending her first semester freshman year abroad in Dijon, France, she decided to venture to Senegal for a semester junior year.

Margaret Hunziker ’12

Margaret is a French and Global Studies double major from Glen Ridge, NJ.  She spent her Junior year studying in Paris.  On campus, she is a CCAK mentor and a member of the Senior Pledge committee.

Lucy Wilhelms ’12

Lucy is a French Studies and English double major who can’t seem to stay out of Europe for longer than a year. She spent JanPlan 2009 in Paris, JanPlan 2010 in Verona, Fall Semester 2010 in Dijon, and returned to France in the summer of 2011. Pictured here, Lucy is in L’Opera Garnier, her favorite building in Paris.