Audrey Brunetaux
[email protected]
(207) 859-4664
Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: 20th-21st Century French Literature and Cinema; Cultural Studies; Holocaust Literature & Film; Visual Arts & the Shoah; Trauma & Memory Studies; Graphic Novels; Autobiography and Memories; Charlotte Delbo
Danila Cannamela
[email protected]
Lovejoy 306
Assistant Professor of Italian
Areas of Expertise: Modern and contemporary Italian literature and culture; Noir, pulp, sci-fi literature; Environmental Humanities; Gender Studies; Italian cinema
Posthumanism; Ecopoetry
Carl Cornell
[email protected]
Lovejoy 306
Assistant Professor - French
Areas of expertise: Modern and contemporary, French cultural studies, Environmental humanities, Urban and landscape studies, Sustainability and ecology, Poetics of space, Deindustrialization, and Digital humanities
Valérie M. Dionne
[email protected]
Lovejoy 313
(207) 859-4659
Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Early Modern French Literature & Culture; Human Rights, Law and Literature; LGBTQIA+, and Intersex rights
Flavien Falantin
[email protected]
Lovejoy 308
Visiting Assistant Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: 19th/20th Century French and Francophone novelists; Reader-response Criticism and Reader's Alienation; Medical Studies, Bovarysm, Mimetic Desire, Lactification; Comparative Literature, Women and Gender Studies; Françoise Sagan
Bénédicte Mauguière
[email protected]
Diamond 109
(207) 859-4660
Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Quebec Studies; Francophone Studies of the Americas; Diaspora & Transcultural Studies; Indian Ocean Cultures & Literatures; Women and Gender Studies; JMG Le Clézio
Mouhamedoul A. Niang
[email protected]
(207) 859-4661
Department Chair and Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Francophone African Literature and Cinema; Body, Space, and Gender through Narratives of Identities; Fiction and Medicine; Onomastics; Transculturation and the African Detective Novel; African Studies, Créolité and Marronnage.
Adrianna Paliyenko
[email protected]
Lovejoy 312
(207) 859-4656
Arnold Bernhard Professor in Arts and Humanities
Areas of Expertise: 19th- and 20th-century French poetry, including Women’s Contributions; Literary History and the Poetics of Influence; Gender, Genius and Race; Theories of Creativity; Literature and Medicine; Feminism and Psychoanalysis; 19th-century Francophone Studies
Gianluca Rizzo
[email protected]
Lovejoy 310
(207) 859-4655
Paganucci Associate Professor of Italian
Areas of Expertise: Renaissance and Contemporary Italian Literature (especially poetry); Dante; Late Medieval and Early Modern Culture; Macaronic Literature; poesia comico-realista; the Historical Avant-garde and the Neo-avant-garde; Theater, Aesthetics and Semiotics; Translation
Elsa Fevre
[email protected]
Lovejoy 354
Teaching Assistant – French
I obtained my Bachelor's degree from the University of Burgundy in Dijon and the University Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany this year. I am now at Colby to get more teaching experience. I plan on doing a Master’s of education in France to teach English in middle schools/high schools.
Giulia Penta
[email protected]
Lovejoy 354
Teaching Assistant – Italian
Has a BA in Italian Studies from the University of Bologna and obtained two Erasmus scholarships to study at Sussex University (Brighton, UK) and at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). She is currently working on her MA thesis about the influence of the Nouveau Roman on the work of the Italian-Swiss writer Alice Ceresa. Other areas of interest are Translation and Cultural Journalism.
Amy Murphy
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant