The French Club exists as a place to gather and appreciate Francophone culture in all of its forms. We admire the French language and it is a valued component of our group. The French club encourages open-mindedness towards other cultures and ways of life or belief systems. We believe that language can be a way to bridge gaps between cultures worldwide. Specifically, the French club will host game nights, food and conversation events, movie nights, and a trip to Quebec in the spring geared towards students who speak or are learning to speak French. It will also participate in events, such as the stressbuster fair, that will engage the entire campus in Francophone culture.
The French Student Advisory Board is a part of the French Club that works with the department to offer social programming and academic opportunities for French Studies majors. These events create a space for students and faculty to come together outside of the classroom and to celebrate their enthusiasm for French and Francophone Studies. In addition to planning and promoting events on and off campus, the Student Advisory Board seeks to support the department in expanding its programming and visibility in the Colby community. Members serve as liaisons between the faculty and students by participating in new faculty searches and offering input on new department initiatives. The Advisory Board is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning community within the Department of French and Francophone Studies.

French Club Officers: Caroline Norton and Sara Gardner

Advisory Board Members: Teddy Storrs, Caroline Norton, Sara Gardner, Maddie Hand, Sydney Gallop, Francie Treadwell

For questions and general information about the French Club and Departmental activities, please contact Caroline Norton or Sara Gardner.