Graduate School (in French and/or Francophone Studies or another field)

You will need to take the GRE exams. Contact Career Services for the dates of the exam and the date by which you must sign up for the exam (usually late August or very early September). Graduate school applications have deadlines from early December to February, if you are applying for funding. Talk to faculty members about the graduate programs they would recommend.

Other Options

You might want to think about applying for Teach for America, the Peace Corps, or private secondary school teaching (no teaching certificate is necessary for the latter). FYI: In recent years, Colby French majors have become Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco, Guinea, and Cameroon.

Many of our French graduates go into business (international or domestic), some go after the MBA degree with an international emphasis, a number choose to go to law school, others have entered publishing (especially of foreign language textbooks).

General Advice

  • Talk to many people to get ideas. Plan ahead.
  • Keep your options open.
  • Make a lot of applications.
  • Remain open-minded.