Director: Marina Davies

Email: [email protected]

On-campus representativeProfessor Adrianna Paliyenko

Course code: FR127

Sign up for the classroom page here: The classroom code is san5hcu.

After the information session, if you have any questions about the Jan Plan, please contact Professor Davies first.


"I cannot speak highly enough of Madame Davies and the FR127 course in Paris. It is VERY intense. Everyday, you will spend about three to three and a half hours in the classroom. I was very hesitant about the intensity of the course, but Madame keeps the course fun and exciting and she really does make learning french fun even for those like myself who are not great at learning languages. I was able to tour around Paris in the afternoons and visit many museums. My favorite museum was the Musee D’Orsay. Learning french completely immersed in the french language was awesome and I would recommend this course to any Colby student!"

~Molly M. | Jan Plan in Paris | Paris, France | January 2019
"I got so much more out of this course than I would have if I had taken it in Waterville. So much is added to the learning experience being immersed in French culture. Learning the language in Paris made French more interesting for me because the material was immediately applicable to life outside the classroom. Although the course is intense, it is not unmanageable. Hard work and studying time are needed to do well but there is also plenty of time to explore Paris and all it has to offer. Madame Davies really encourages exploration as well. I highly recommend this class and Madame Davies."

~Catherine B. | Jan Plan in Paris | Paris, France | January 2019


Cost of JanPlan (including round-trip flight from Boston to Paris, based on enrollment of 12 students and subject to change): $3050

  • This is a zero sum budget. Should there be substantial money left in the account after the Jan Plan is over, this money will be refunded in equal parts to participating students.
  • This fee covers transportation to and from the Paris airport, an unlimited monthly transportation pass, room & board in a foyer, including breakfast & at least one other meal a day, and required class outings. The fee specifically does not cover: course books (which will be available for purchase at the Colby bookstore in December), supplies, and any personal travel. The amount you spend in addition to the Jan Plan fee will vary, depending on what you eat, how much traveling you do on the weekends, etc.
  • All students must take the group flight on Saturday, January 1, unless they must necessarily be exempt from the flight for a specific, justified reason.


We will hold only one course: FR127.

Students who have successfully completed FR126 or the equivalent are eligible to take FR127.

Maximum enrollment is set at 16 students. Priority enrollment for this JanPlan will be granted to students who demonstrate a significant interest in French studies, and students who have not yet studied abroad.

Jan Plan Schedule

  • Saturday, January1, 2022: Departure from Boston
  • January 2: Arrival in Paris;
  • January 3: Class begins
  • January 26: Final class
  • January 26: Class dinner
  • January 27: Return to Boston

Classes will be held Monday-Friday mornings in one of the foyer classrooms.

We will also go on outings certain afternoons.

Enrollment Deadlines

  • SEPTEMBER 27: The 2-page application form is due on google classroom.
    Your advisor and your parent/guardian must sign this form by hand; however, you can e-mail them the form and ask them to print it, scan it, then e-mail it back.
  • SEPTEMBER 30: Students are told whether they have been accepted to the Paris Jan Plan
  • OCTOBER 8: Applications due for financial aid from the French Department and DavisConnects
  • OCTOBER 18: Students are told whether they will receive financial aid for the Paris Jan Plan
  • OCTOBER 21: $500 is due to Student Financial Services

       You will not be enrolled in the course until this deposit is received. If the Jan Plan itself is cancelled, your deposit will be refunded, but the deposit is not refundable if you decide at a later date to drop out of the Jan Plan.

Attendance Policy

Given the intensive nature of this course and the short length of the January term, there will be no absences allowed, except for serious illness. To be eligible to apply to this Jan Plan, you must be able to arrive in Paris in time for the first class and only leave Paris after the final exam; there are no exceptions.

Foyer, Meals, and Activities

The FIAP foyer has double rooms, each with two desks, two closets, and a private bathroom. It is staffed 24 hours a day. The foyer has wireless Internet access. Students receive fresh towel and linen service and can use an on-site laundry room, for which tokens can be purchased in the lobby; therefore, there is no need to pack a month’s worth of clothes.

Students receive a buffet-style Continental breakfast in the dining room. Board includes either lunch or dinner at the foyer, which can accommodate certain dietary restrictions, including vegetarianism.

Exploring Paris

All students will receive an unlimited public transportation pass for the month of January. You should be able to explore Paris on a daily basis. We will go on several group outings (including a day trip to Versailles). Professor Davies will also suggest some sights upon your arrival. You are also encouraged to ask her for recommendations that are in line with your personal interests.

Personal Travel

During the weekends, students have the choice of staying in Paris or traveling in France or to nearby European countries. You must however attend all Friday and Monday classes.

Funding Possibilities

DavisConnects provides limited funds to help cover the costs for eligible students and there will be two French Studies Department scholarships offered for this Jan Plan, both in the amount of $1000.

Click here for the link to a blog post honoring the memory of Shareen Abbasy in whose name the French Studies Department created the JanPlan Abbasy scholarship.

Applications for Jan Plan 2022 will be live on this DavisConnects webpage on September 27, 2021. Students will submit a general application (please visit DavisConnects funding page to prep all essay questions and application materials) and then answer one the following questions before October 8 at 11:59 PM EST.

  1.   Describe a challenging moment in your life that was based on a cultural misunderstanding or miscommunication, whether abroad or in the US. What did it teach you?
  2.   If you had to be trapped in an elevator with 2 famous French-speaking people (alive or dead), whom would you choose and why?
  3.   You wake up tomorrow and the entire Colby campus is speaking French. No one speaks or understands English. Describe your day. What do you do and why?

Abbasy Scholarship Recipients

Isabel Varghese, Abbasy scholarship; Sabina Garibovic, departmental grant: 2020
Madeleine Hand: 2019
Jacob David: 2018
Melissa Jean: 2017
Matt DiAngelo: 2016
Jenny Qiu: 2015
Ibraheem Baqai: 2014
Mary Kate Fitzpatrick: 2013
Michael Perreault: 2011