Topics of Interest:



Italia teatri: List of theaters and representations


IMDb: Information about films currently playing in Italy
Internet movie database
: A searchable database of all film and television
Museo Nazionale del Cinema
: National Museum of Cinema
Tempi moderni
: Information about modern films

Cultural Institutions

I Musei Vaticani online: The Vatican Museum
La Galleria degli Uffizi: The Uffizi Gallery
The Peggy Guggenheim collection: Museum of art in Venice

Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali: The Ministry of Culture and Environment
Italica: RAI International website devoted to language and culture
Radiotelevisione Italiana: Broadcasts and interactive activities offered by RAI International.\
Instituto LUCE: The oldest public institution for cinematographic diffusion with both a didactic and informative aim


Istituto Nazionale di Statistica: Italian National Institute of Statistics

Educational Institutions

L’Università di Bologna: The website for the University of Bologna
L’Università degli Studi di Padova
: The website of the University of Padova
Pubblica Instruzione
: The branch of the Italian Government in charge of the administration of the national school system. This website provides a lot of opportunities to come in Italy with their scholastic program
: Documentary, cultural and educational television in Italian and English


Il Cucchiaio D’Agernto: The oldest and most popular book about Italian recipes with both traditional and avant-garde orientation
Gambero Rosso
: An Italian food and wine magazine

General Information

Italia Mia
: A guide to Italy, Italian and Italian-American culture
Life in Italy
: All you need to know about Italy, dedicated to modern Italian life and culture – showcasing the Italy of today rather than focusing on Italy’s past

Search Engines
Yahoo! Italia


Italy 1: Brief analysis of Italian history
Italy 1: Brief analysis of Italian history
La storia siamo noi: A well-known and accurate documentation about the events of the last century in Italy

Language Resources and References

Dictionaries and Thesauri
Garzanti linguistica: Online dictionary of Italian and English with a section dedicated to synonyms and antonyms
Etimo: Etymological dictionary of Italian Language
Word reference: Online translation dictionary
Accademia della Crusca: The official institute of Italian language. It collaborates with universities and research programs in order to be up to date with language changes


Letteratura: A complete online catalog about Italian writers of every period, literary terminology, magazines, bibliography, bookshops and much more
Letteratura Italiana
: The texts of a large number of famous and important Italian works listed both per author and title
Dante online
: A focus on Dante and the texts of his works. A “resources” section that guides the study in the Italian Universities, foreign Universities, Libraries and research Institutes, sites of specific and general interest


Magazines and Newspapers
Corriere della Sera
: It is among the oldest and most reputable Italian newspapers
La Repubblica
: The second largest circulation Italian daily general-interest newspaper
: It is an Italian newspaper dedicated to coverage of various sports. The newspaper, published on distinctive pink paper, sells over 400,000 copies daily – more on Mondays when readers want to catch up on the weekend’s events – and can claim a readership in excess of three million
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana
: Known as Radio Audizioni Italiane is the Italian state owned public service broadcaster controlled by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance


Radio RAI: Italian radio website
Le radio Italia: An online guide for the radio divided by regions and categories – such as university radios, foreign radios, etc.
RAI radio
: A guide about the Italian radio programs promoted by RAI
Radio deejay
: One of the most popular radio broadcasts
: Another of the most popular radio broadcasts
Musica e eanti popolari Italiani
: An interesting and complete collection of famous Italian folkloristic songs with lyrics too
I Migliori Anni: A TV program of the most popular songs, organized by years – 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s


Presidenza della Repubblica: This site is about Italian politics
Italian Council of Ministers: For information about the Government’s acts and news
Gazetta Ufficiale: The official gazette of the Italian Republic, or G.U., is the official journal of record of the Italian government laws. Its scope is to make legislative, private and public acts available for everyone
Annozero: A political and cultural TV show about current events in Italy


Italian tourism: Italian Government Tourist Board. Information about trip, events, accommodation, money, hotels, food and so on
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The official website run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where to find information about opportunities, travel, general information and crisis unit
Tuscany pass: A guide dealing with every aspect tourism in Tuscany