French Immersion courses at The American University of Paris

Located in the heart of Paris, The American University of Paris (AUP) is the academic and social home to students from around the world – and has been for over fifty years. We offer three-week Intensive French Language programs in June and July. There are courses available for all levels: from complete beginners to seasoned Francophiles who want to brush up their grammar, written or spoken expression. Students can stay for three weeks, or stay for six, and receive transferable university credit should they want to fulfill your language requirements over the summer or work towards their degree.

AUP’s carefully crafted French programs offer rigorous instruction in the French language—reviewing grammar and vocabulary, improving pronunciation—while allowing a firsthand introduction to French culture both in and outside the classroom. Dedicated professors will bring the French language alive for students as they explore the streets, the theatres and museums of the French capital together.

Our French Immersion classes emphasize contemporary spoken French. Faculty encourage students to play with language and interact with different modes of communication. For example, students train their ear with intensive listening exercises both in class and on twice weekly walking tours of new neighborhoods in Paris, as well as by speaking extemporaneously in- and outside of the classroom. Students also become conversant in digital media and enjoy playing with trends in a new language. Have a look at last summer’s Instagram and YouTube accounts to get a sense of the ways that our faculty encouraged students to use new media to play with language (e.g. “en mode” hashtags—a somewhat controversial slang usage, and “My Paris” video diaries).

For every course, students have the choice of enrolling for university credit or just for audit at a reduced price. Visit our summer website for more information or to apply for Summer 2020. There students can also learn more about our summer housing options and optional cultural excursions that can help enrich their experiences even further.