Gender and Sexual Diversity Program


Vision and Mission

Vision: Informed by the wider Colby vision of an inclusive and respectful campus, the Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) Program strives to create and inspire a community that: 1) challenges and works to end discrimination and oppression based on real and perceived differences in gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation, and the intersections among these and other dimensions of identity; 2) promotes honest and sustained dialogue about difficult issues; 3) is committed to safety and justice for all its members.

Mission: The mission of Colby’s Gender & Sexual Diversity (GSD) Program is to provide education, support, and advocacy that 1) work to foster a positive campus climate with respect to gender, sexuality, and sexual culture; 2) interrupt and seek to eradicate issues of sexism, homophobia, sexual violence, and other forms of physical, psychological, systemic and institutional violence based on gender, sex, and sexuality; and 3) consider social justice from the relationship between gender, sexuality, sex, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, ability, national status and religion.

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Program coordinates student-centered sexual violence prevention education and provides confidential support and advocacy around the issue of sexual misconduct.  For more information about Colby Sexual Violence Response and Prevention work, and to learn about the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program’s Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Education initiative, please visit Colby’s Sexual Violence Response and Prevention site.


Student Clubs/Organizations Supported:

  • Feminist Alliance
  • Gentlemen of Quality (GQ)
  • Men of Color Alliance (MOCA)
  • Mules Against Violence (MAV)
  • Student Health On Campus (SHOC)
  • The Bridge
  • Women of Color Alliance (WOCA)